AVEVA Laser Modeller™

    Turn 3D laser scan surveys into intelligent plant models

    As-built plant information is often inaccurate, incomplete and hard to use. AVEVA Laser Modeller overcomes these problems by using laser scan data to reverse-engineer intelligent, accurate as-built 3D plant models, rapidly and at low cost.

    For many plant Owner Operators, available as-built information is often in the form of paper drawings and photographs; incomplete, inaccurate and hard to use. Ideally, one would like the as-built design to exist as an accurate 3D model but, until now, the cost and timescale of reverse-engineering has been prohibitive.

    AVEVA Laser Modeller answers this need. It makes brownfield information truly evergreen, by using laser scan data to create validated and intelligent as-built 3D plant models, rapidly and at low cost.

    Laser Modeller works with scan data from all the leading 3D laser scanning systems.

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    AVEVA Laser Modeller features an easy to use, intuitive user interface and workspace, enabling the user to visualise many different kinds of data simultaneously. From the same place, the user can view:

    • 3D laser model data
    • Panoramic laser scan images
    • Intelligent, as-built 3D model and associated database hierarchy
    • Site plans with overlaid laser scan location

    Access to multiple data views enables the user to better understand the relationship between the laser scan data and the design data, and supports better decision making in the 3D modelling process.

    Laser Modeller generates an intelligent, as-built 3D model, directly from laser scan data, using the modelling capabilities within the catalogue elements of AVEVA’s market-leading PDMS 3D design solution. It extensively automates the 3D model generation process. Unlike other available technologies there is no need, for example, to create intermediate geometry and then remodel this separately into 3D model data.

    Laser Modeller automatically selects the appropriate intelligent items from the PDMS catalogue including:

    • Piping
    • Steelwork
    • Equipment

    If necessary, services are available to extend or fine-tune the component catalogues to meet the needs of a clients particular engineering conventions or site-specific requirements.

    The resulting intelligent 3D model accurately reflects the as-built facility and can form the basis of a common digital infrastructure for managing and maintaining the asset.

    Within the user workspace, AVEVA Laser Modeller provides familiar functions for editing and manipulating the generated 3D model. These include:

    • Extend
    • Intersect
    • Rotate
    • Mark up
    • Annotate

    These capabilities enable the relationship between the as-built and design information to be refined and optimised, maximising the value of the 3D model as a collaborative plant information resource.

    Laser Modeller can be deployed as a stand-alone product or as part of an enterprise solution comprising other AVEVA products.

    AVEVA can provide specialist services to accommodate wide variations in customers' engineering work processes and data structures, and to deliver tailored deployments appropriate to individual operational environments.

    AVEVA Laser Modeller is one of a growing range of AVEVA applications which enable engineering contractors and plant operators to exploit the power of laser surveying.

    The matrix opposite shows their areas of application and requirements.

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