AVEVA Bocad Steelâ„¢

    Powerful structural detailing software for efficient steelwork design and fabrication

    AVEVA Bocad Steel provides class-leading productivity in structural steelwork, enabling consistently rapid, high-quality design, fabrication and construction, for on-time, on-budget delivery of a high-quality project. With an unrivalled track record on the most advanced structural design projects, AVEVA Bocad Steel can deliver value as a stand-alone steelwork solution or as part of an integrated AVEVA deployment.

    AVEVA Bocad Steel features a unique generic data model which is readily adaptable to the widest possible range of industry applications. Unlike many rival solutions which are designed only for specific industries, this flexible, generic nature enables AVEVA Bocad Steel to be used effectively for any type of structural steelwork design and to be readily extended and optimised to meet new requirements.

    AVEVA Bocad Steel is a true engineer’s design tool; it works the way engineers work and does not require extensive user retraining or unfamiliar working practices. Importantly, it integrates with all architectural, mechanical, plant and marine multi-discipline design systems, including AVEVA Everything3D™, AVEVA PDMS™ or AVEVA Outfitting™.


    Additional functions and library items are available for the specialist needs of the Onshore and Offshore industries.

    AVEVA Bocad Onshore

    AVEVA Bocad Offshore

    • Interoperability with design & analysis, architectural / plant / marine design, and with ERM, ERP, MRP and MIS systems
    • Customisable macro language for increased automation
    • Parametric templates, enabling design storage and reuse
    • Full clash-checking capabilities
    • Digital welds, with steel prep, numbering, ID and reporting
    • Built-in parts nesting optimiser and reporting
    • PDF, DXF, XLS and VRML deliverables
    • 2D-3D association, ensuring that drawings accurately reflect the 3D model
    • Automated generation of shop-ready fabrication data: arrangement, component and assembly drawings, BoMs, parts lists and installation marking plans 
    • Built-in links for CNC fabrication and welding machines, and fabrication management systems
    • Configurable, automatic marking of members, bolts and welds
    • Digital manufacturing data can be transferred to AVEVA Bocad NC™ to further optimise the fabrication processes
    • Revision control, change highlighting and audit trail


    Structural steelwork is a major element in many engineering projects, but it can account for a disproportionate level of construction problems, rework costs and delays. AVEVA Bocad Steel overcomes this by providing an extensive range of general-purpose functions for structural steel detailing.


    AVEVA Bocad Steel meets the needs of both engineering and fabrication, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for steelwork design and construction. Industry-specific extensions are available through the selection of the AVEVA Bocad Onshore™ or AVEVA Bocad Offshore™ add-on packs. These further increase project efficiency by saving time and increasing design quality on all types of onshore or offshore structures.

    AVEVA Bocad Steel - detailing

    Better design quality

    • Create fully detailed, highly accurate design
    • Collaborate and clash-check with architectural, mechanical, plant and marine design systems
    • Work with third-party structural analysis solutions

    Better project control

    • Powerful parts nesting functions for accurate material estimating and procurement
    • Real-time association between the 3D model and 2D deliverables
    • Open interoperability with ERM, ERP, MRP and MIS systems

    Better fabrication and construction quality

    • Automatic, accurate production and construction deliverables direct from the project model
    • Direct transfer of digital production data for error-free fabrication

    More capability

    • Out of the box AEC industry standard features
    • No limitation on project size or complexity

    Easy to adopt

    • Fast implementation and easy project set-up
    • Easy to learn and intuitive

    AVEVA Bocad Steel Interface™

    AVEVA Bocad Steel comes complete with AVEVA Bocad Steel Interface™, avoiding the need for expensive third-party interfaces and enabling immediate collaboration between steelwork designers and plant layout or marine outfitting designers. It enables bi-directional integration directly with:

    AVEVA Outfitting


    • Intelligent accurate transfer and mapping of structural elements – beams, columns, panels, plates, pipes and bars
    • Supports Compare & Update with AVEVA E3D, PDMS & Outfitting
    • Full, traceable and managed round-tripping
    • Maintains model hierarchy

    Improves project quality & efficiency

    • Eliminates costly construction reworks by keeping plant layout or outfitting synchronised with high-quality steelwork detailing
    • Automatic, just-in-time generation of deliverables ensures that fabricators use fully up-to-date information

    Saves time and effort

    • Reduces design checking and rework
    • Reduces or eliminates drawing touch-up work

    Improves fabrication quality

    • Shop-ready AVEVA Bocad drawings and CNC data, direct from the project model, enable accurate fabrication for efficient construction