AVEVA Solutions for the Chemical Industries

AVEVA’s software solutions for the chemical and process engineering industries have been proven for over 30 years in almost every branch of chemical engineering, from pharmaceuticals to industrial commodities.

The first AVEVA chemical plant was a sugar refinery, designed in 1976. Since then, the total value of chemical plants built using AVEVA's engineering and design software exceeds USD60 billion.

See the benefits for:

Integrated Project Execution

  • Minimum cost
  • Minimum timescale
  • Maximum project quality
  • Effective global collaboration

Extensive resource pool

  • Readily available skilled professionals
  • Wide choice of subcontractors
  • Interoperable, standards-compliant software

‘The progress of the project and the quality of the work improved immeasurably.  The efficiency of the solution and the fact that it saved time and money are without question.’

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Rapid return on investment

  • Efficient, phased handover
  • Rapid commissioning

Wide choice of engineering resources

  • Subcontract upgrade projects with confidence

Operations Information Integrity

  • Comprehensive information access and management for operations support
  • Efficient maintenance planning and execution
  • Effective plant optimisation and improvement
  • Effective compliance monitoring
  • Minimum planned downtime
  • Rapid recovery from unplanned downtime
  • Effective incident response and recovery

‘So far we have never had to restore a back-up copy of a project for system reasons, not even once!’

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EPC = Engineering Procurement & Construction

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Customer success

AVEVA World Magazine 2014 #2-p8'The most important benefits were achieved during the installation of the new equipment. The high accuracy of the laser scans enabled accurate 3D models of all new design elements to be created...'

AVEVA World Magazine 2014 #2