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    The Information Gap

    The importance of information management to Health & Safety in the Oil & Gas industry

    It's not hard to visualise how easy access to comprehensive and reliable information can increase operational safety in the process industries. But with the extent and diversity of opinion and experience in this area it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

    That's why AVEVA commissioned independent research by the Aberdeen Business School at Robert Gordon University, to provide a detailed and authoritative picture of how organisations manage Health & Safety information, and how current practices affect both day-to-day plant operation and the handling of emergencies. Now you can share the insights of this research.

    Did you know, for example, that:

    • Over 30% of industry professionals surveyed had never had training in the access of safety information?
    • 40% do not know how to search for safety information?

    And almost everybody is frustrated by:

    • Poor information quality
    • Poor information access
    • Systems failures
    • Information overload
    • Absent, poorly indexed or misfiled data
    • Inadequate or missing procedures
    • Poor communications infrastructure

    In short, there is a major information gap in plant operations that impacts directly on Health & Safety. And this is partly because most industry professionals are not aware just how powerful today's information management solutions can be in solving this problem.

    Download the overview for yourself to find out more. And then go to AVEVA Enterprise to learn more about AVEVA's state-of-the-art information management solutions that overcome these challenges.

    About the research

    RGU's research project included both wide-ranging survey of industry professionals and confidential in-depth analyses of four potentially severe incidents.

    To learn how RGU performed the research, and for its detailed results, download the full analysis for yourself.

    Thanks to all who contributed!

    Hundreds of professionals from right across the industry responded to RGU's online survey. And, as promised, AVEVA donated $10 to the Red Cross Disaster Fund for each completed questionnaire. So thank you to you all, both for sharing your experience and insights, and for helping the Red Cross in their vital work.

    Prof. Rita Marcella
    Aberdeen Business School
    Robert Gordon University

    Mat Truche-Gordon
    Executive Vice President

    Read the Point of View

    AVEVA Point of View paper - RGU Research 2011Read the AVEVA Point of View on this authoritative research

    (4 pages)





    Download the Point of View

    H&S Information Gap


    The full research report on the Health & Safety Information Gap carried out by the Robert Gordon University.

    (20 pages)



    Download the Research Report