• The challenge for existing or 'brownfield' operating assets is how to turn decades-worth of experience and operating data from multiple information sources and systems into ‘actionable information’, improving operational safety, operating efficiency and asset information integrity, and reducing risk.

  • Different sources, 1D, 2D and other formats, along with historical record maintenance procedures, create additional challenges in how to funnel all that information into Insights.


  • The decommissioning of offshore installations is a complex technical exercise with a stringent regulatory framework. These assets have been in operation for decades, with structures approaching the end of the lifespan for which they were initially designed. Corrosion and ageing must be safely accounted for during the asset life extension or decommissioning proposal.

  • The sheer cost and scale of such operations and the associated health and safety risks further add to the complexities of already challenging working conditions and of access to current, correct information.

... And How We Can Help

AVEVA is the partner of choice for end-to-end software and support when operating and developing brownfield sites


AVEVA delivers pragmatic and modular steps to leveraging asset information with a rapidly deployed Digital Asset platform dedicated to brownfield data remediation. Furthermore, we enable 3D laser scanning capture and visualisation of the as-is condition of the asset, along with extended data remediation with 1D, 2D and partner-delivered data classification and maturity assessment services.


AVEVA delivers solutions to meet the regulatory records requirements of the decommissioning process and demonstrates how assets can be effectively and efficiently repurposed, or disposed of with the maximum value retained by the duty holder.


AVEVA’S Asset Visualisation Solution turns data from multiple information sources and systems into ‘actionable information’ improving operational safety and asset information integrity, and reducing risk.  A true information portal for operations, Asset Visualisation provides a rapid, contextualised and easy-to-use view of the entire Digital Asset, providing access to the right information, in the right place, at the right time.


The contract management platform of choice for optimising commercial outcomes in asset-intensive industries. Providing the latest in best-practice claims management and contract bid management processes, achieved from 15 years’ experience of delivering results for owners who build and operate high value assets. Combining these with our real time contract analytics software and integration technologies provides you with a capital project risk management experience and operational benefits which deliver cost savings straight to your bottom line.

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Exploit the latest technology innovations in mobile computing, Cloud computing and laser scanning to enable Lean methods in plant project execution.


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LFM Server™

Take advantage of the most powerful and open technology for processing laser scan data, to support the creation and maintenance of a 'Trusted Living Pointcloud™.

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