Discipline that aids creativity

  • Design is iterative rather than linear, with multiple teams involved. All collaborators need to have complete visibility of change.

  • Unnecessary design iterations, rework, errors from poor revision control and cost escalations can be caused by disconnected engineering teams.


Inaccurate decision making

  • Data can be difficult to share across global collaborators, suppliers can send data in different formats making it hard to compare and invalid data can cause inaccurate decision making – all threatening the deadline.

  • No clear visibility of current statuses and progress against plan, and inability to guarantee that engineering and design information is robustly controlled and rapidly communicated, to enable quicker response to unexpected circumstances such as changes of scope.

... And How We Can Help

AVEVA Digital Asset approach


Fully integrated applications and one central engineering information repository ensure consistency across teams and disciplines.


All project stakeholders have controlled access to the Digital Asset for full transparency, and the Project Owner can ensure complete compliance thanks to accurate obligation, progress and completion reports.


Self-integrating software and interoperability with a wide range of third-party solutions enable low-risk deployment into existing mixed-technology environments and efficient multi-discipline collaboration. Class-leading ease of deployment and data integration enable rapid achievement of the solution’s benefits. Deployment is non-invasive of existing business systems.

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Customer Successes
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Less duplication, more consistency

Discover how AMEC is achieving higher project quality, reduced schedule and lowered costs through its 'data-driven engineering' approach.

PIPE-ing Hot Success

Discover how MAN Diesel & Turbo SE rapidly benefits from AVEVA's IE&D solution.

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AVEVA Engineering™

Manage the evolving multi-discipline engineering data for tagged items such as lines and equipment.

AVEVA Everything 3D™ (AVEVA E3D™)

The latest technology innovations in mobile computing, Cloud computing and laser scanning to enable Lean methods in plant project execution.

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