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Schneider Electric recently deployed AVEVA Insight infused with artificial intelligence to optimize predictive maintenance across one of their renowned smart factories in the Philippines.

“In one of our Smart Factories in Asia we had just adopted AVEVA Insight and were starting to make swift progress when lockdown occurred. This had the potential to derail us, but thanks to the cloud-enabled capabilities the team was able to shift seamlessly to remote working and even use predictive analytics and AI to continue to optimize maintenance planning for the factory during lockdown.” Anthony Loy, Smart Supply Chain Program Director, Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric.


In the USA, office furniture provider Leggett & Platt has transitioned to AVEVA’s cloud-based solutions to unify data across their manufacturing operations, helping them realize significant gains in efficiency and decision making.

Their automation manager commented, “AVEVA Insight is being rapidly adopted across our organization. The speed at which we can implement a real-time manufacturing solution has drastically been minimized, going from weeks to only hours. This capability gives us the flexibility to provide more actionable information about our process and assets to decision-makers in our business. Our management is very excited, and they can see AVEVA Insight being a good fit for our future automation needs.”


Energy companies BP and Idemitsu Kosan have been using AVEVA cloud solutions for some months, and they have been able to ramp up their knowledge and agility as the COVID-19 challenge struck. BP Downstream CIO Claire Dickson said, “Believe it or not, for the same data set, the same crude and feed stocks, the same units, what used to take us seven hours to run now takes just over three minutes. I have to admit I didn’t really think that we’d get that out of cloud, so it has been quite revolutionary for us." Since adopting these AVEVA cloud technologies BP have realised significant margin improvements, more robust and lower risk plans, earlier decisions and increased focus on the human aspect of process improvement. 

Similarly since moving to AVEVA cloud, Idemitsu Kosan have been able to develop robust, multi-refinery models to reliably evaluate complex profit scenarios previously impossible to analyze. This has yielded significant results including increased margins of 1 to 3 cents per barrel, while also reducing training to end users by 50% and enabling seamless data integrity and traceability to ensure business continuity. Kazutoshi Okumura, Senior Manager, Simulation Section Supply Planning Department, Idemitsu Kosan Company said, “AVEVA provides more than just software. Its unique approach enables better business processes through a unified easy-to-use decision-making tool that brings better visibility across the overall supply chain, which leads to greater productivity.” 

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