2019 Hydrocarbon Processing Awards recognizes AVEVA

Posted: January 30, 2020

Last September, AVEVA attended the Hydrocarbon Processing 2019 Awards, where Hydrocarbon Processing recognized the O&G downstream’s leading innovators and technologies. As a result, AVEVA was honored to accept the two nominated awards:

  1. ‘Best Digital Twin/Operator Training Technology’ category: Rigorous Online Modeling with Equation-based Optimization (ROMeo) digital twin technology
  2. ‘Best Process/Plant Operations Optimization Technology’ category: Unified Operations Center.

AVEVA focus on transforming work and how O&G companies operate to improve life. These awards are a great recognition and validation that we have been accomplishing with our goal.

1. AVEVA´s Digital Twin for Operations

ROMeo Process Optimization is a Digital Twin for Operations and planning activities in the refining and petrochemicals industry, and it´s part of the AVEVA´s Value Chain Optimization strategy. Plant processes are digitally represented with well defined, first principle rigorous models that provide the basis for simulation, data reconciliation and optimization real-time basis. Business excellence is achieved because the basis for feedstock planning, plant simulation, and optimization, offsites blending, and engineering analysis are done using the same digital representation of the plant. The extensibility of ROMeo Process Optimization as the Digital Twin means various degrees of a plant can be modeled from small operating areas to full plantwide scope.

ROMeo Process Optimization as the Digital Twin for Operations expands the value it brings across the complete operational lifecycle including

  • Ensuring the best basis for measuring feedstock selections against plant performance and capacity yielding a return on investment in as little as 6 months.
  • Accurately predicting yield patterns, simulating heat integration systems, and providing correct stream property information which can be used for blending operations. All of this translates into profitability gains of 2-5%.
  • Digital Twin updating of LP planning tools to ensure benefit realization of $0.50-1.00 per barrel of feed.
  • Accurately reflecting real equipment operational behavior with performance metrics and offline engineering analysis and troubleshooting.

ROMeo Process Optimization has long been recognized as the application of choice to model and optimize plant processes and utility systems.

To learn more about Digital Twin for Operations and how to optimize the entire value chain, download the white paper.

2. AVEVA´s Unified Operations Center

AVEVA´s Unified Operations Center is an Operations Management Interface (OMI) integrated with data warehouse, real-time plant floor, production, and non-transactional data from multiple operating companies. Aggregating information from many sources provides the right information to the right people at the right time. It turns this data into valuable information including GIS, reports, anomaly identification, on-shore and off-shore asset information, actual vs planned production, utilization and efficiency of production, energy usage, vehicle status on maps, fleet status, market news, and weather etc.


  • Long cycle to produce production plans
  • Inconsistent production reporting across sites
  • Absence of one location to see complete group performance
  • Discrepancy in transfer measurement between plants


  • Complete visibility of all operations
  • Increase overall throughput via production optimization
  • Reduce energy costs from value chain optimization
  • Minimize the impact of crises and increase visibility

As a result, we have complete Edge to Enterprise visibility, optimization, and control across the operations value chain, which could already provide early savings of $80M.

To learn more about real time performance management, watch the webcast.

Download the Whitepaper: Digital Agility Forges Digital Resilience

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