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Posted: April 1, 2020

The unrivaled power of our 3D design solution is now available to the marine industry following the launch of AVEVA E3D Design 3.1.

Our flagship 3D industrial design tool has been updated to specifically meet the needs of the shipbuilding sector – delivering greater capabilities and efficiencies.

In the rapidly changing marine environment, it has never been more important for shipyards and owners to manage costs across complex, global supply chains and optimize operations to maximize efficiencies and maintain their competitive advantage.

As marine projects become ever more complex often siloed teams are having to contend with myriad of challenge such as technically challenging designs, shorter lead times and the resulting concurrent engineering activity across multiple teams. This is all set against a backdrop of constant cost and regulatory pressures. Delivering projects on-time and within budget requires the latest engineering technology and thinking.

That’s where AVEVA E3D Design comes in.

Our latest solution for the marine industry delivers accurate and clash-free hull and outfitting basic design of ships and offshore vessels. Helping you deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget.

It aligns teams around a single source of data which inherently increases quality and timeliness of deliverables. More importantly, it allows teams to assess and manage the impact of design changes in real-time. This allows a process change to be almost instantly reflected in associated 3D models and equipment specs.

The solution has been used throughout the plant and power sectors for more than 40 years. Now, we’re excited to be bringing it to the marine industry.

The new capabilities will include the first release of the AVEVA Hull Basic Design Module, used for the preliminary design of a ship's hull structure, and supporting key decisions regarding naval architectural characteristics, Space Management, Outfitting Design and Drawings. This is the most integrated 3D environment for working with as-built and as-designed data in the marine market with the potential to deliver 40% gains in design efficiency.

AVEVA E3D Design is part of the AVEVA Unified Engineering portfolio where all conceptual, FEED and detailed design can be compared, shared and updated from a single data hub in real-time to ensure more efficient collaboration and project delivery.

Take peek here to see what’s new…

If you would like to see the software in action why not schedule a demonstration with one of our technical experts who will be on hand to showcase how AVEVA E3D Design will rapidly increase design efficiency within your business.

Technology for new shipping vessels is rapidly changing as companies consolidate, regulations become ever more rigorous and shipyards globally face challenges from increasing competition.

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