AVEVA - Redefining Industrial Digitalization for our Customers

By Peter Herweck

Posted: June 09, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic gathered momentum, from February 2020, AVEVA focused on creating a resilient business.  We listened to the needs of our customers, building on our strong relationships with them and as many cut back on capital project investments, we focused on optimizing efficiencies within their operations. We realigned our product offerings to accommodate the increasing demand for Cloud and remote capabilities ensuring that we were ready and able to adapt to provide the right solutions.  Furthermore, our transformative integration with OSIsoft deepened our industrial information management capabilities.

As we embark on fiscal year 2022, which started in April 2021, AVEVA’s vision remains resolutely focused on the customer. Our goal is to create a new and highly innovative proposition for industrial organizations where digital, data-led strategies will enable companies to benefit from broader, more precise, and accurate insights that empower them to drive sustainable growth.  The ongoing digitalization of the industrial world continues to drive demand for AVEVA’s software and despite the continued uncertainties, in relation to the pandemic, trading conditions have largely normalized in our major markets.

With the integration of OSIsoft, we have developed the concept of ‘Performance Intelligence’ to explain how the combination of AVEVA’s industrial data management together with our leading software portfolio can unlock success in today’s operating environment. Bringing together industrial software with a market leading industrial data platform will enable AVEVA to broaden and deepen its relationships with customers, while further diversifying the Group’s end markets and developing our ability to assist customers on their energy transition journeys.

Performance Intelligence combined with insight from AI-infused analytics, Digital Twins and visualization enables industries to simplify design processes, optimize operations, minimize energy use, and maximize performance in real time. Leveraging the Cloud, AVEVA integrates solutions and connects teams with their data, freeing them to predict outcomes, collaborate faster and target sustainable growth. We are committed to being open and hardware agnostic.

Working Collaboratively with Customers to deliver Digital Transformation
We are using the power of our ecosystem to drive engineering efficiency, operational agility, and growth for our customers. This value proposition is equally compelling to customers who are new to AVEVA and intuitively see great potential as they look to the future needs of their businesses. And as many customers begin to embrace and transition to more sustainable business models, AVEVA is their industrial software partner of choice – we understand their needs and have the right breadth and capability in terms of software and services to support them on their journey.

To this end, I would like also draw your attention to the latest AVEVA Annual Report which highlights some of the great customer examples that illustrate just how effectively we are collaborating to support their digital transformation journeys. EDF, the world’s largest power company, has committed to tackle climate change by producing low-carbon electricity and achieving carbon neutrality across its portfolio by 2050. It is working with AVEVA to deliver its digital transformation vision, as well as preserve its competitiveness in the market. Likewise, BASF is operating one of the world’s largest AVEVA Asset Information Management installations at the Verbundsite Ludwigshafen, with over 120 plants connected to support its global digital strategy. Last but by no means least, SCG Chemicals (SCG), one of Thailand’s largest integrated petrochemical complexes, is working with AVEVA to integrate data, analytics and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency across its value chain, as well as deliver the resilience, agility and maintenance savings. The results have been highly impressive with plant reliability rising from 98% to 100%, achieving an ROI of 9 times better efficiency and improved scheduling and cutting maintenance costs by 40%.

None of what we have achieved in the past year would have been possible without our customers and partners transforming the way they innovate and deliver projects.  Agility and resilience remain at the heart of our business and although the future can be difficult to predict, by listening to our customers, their transformation will undoubtably become our transformation.

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