Collaborate to accelerate: how industries are responding collectively to the challenges of climate change

Posted: May 21, 2021

The next ten years will be critical to our success in tackling climate change and making significant progress towards the Paris Agenda. The past year saw five years’ worth of digital transformation compressed into 12 months and as we progress through the Decade of Action, the same is true of the energy transition, which is accelerating at speed as the world moves from fossil fuels to renewables.

In speaking to our peers and fellow industry leaders about their own transitions during our April Sustainability Customer Advisory Board (CAB), a recurring question at the vanguard of sustainability leadership is: as we recover from the pandemic, what can companies to do ensure we not only maintain global emissions reductions, but go further to put us on a firm pathway to Paris?

Here’s what we found leading companies are actively doing in fighting the emissions bounce back:

  • Preparing to Shift to Dynamic Work Environments Long-term: Companies are leveraging the increased openness to change that has come with the pandemic and using advanced workplace analytics, as well as employee engagement apps and surveys to better understand and create new work environments that will be optimized for the future of work.
  • Stepping up Scope 3 Collaboration Initiatives: Companies are also doubling-down on trying to address the challenge of scope 3 emissions by engaging with policymakers and accelerating their efforts to support their supply chain decarbonization, including through cross-company and even cross-industry collaboration models.
  • Investing in New or Redesigned Products: Companies have also seized the pandemic disruption to launch new products that can help themselves and their customers to decarbonize; while others are looking at how they can redesign existing products to reduce their carbon footprint over the product life cycle.

As Xavier Houot from Schneider Electric put it, “If we are just a company that decarbonizes itself, this is not enough, we must help our customers and suppliers too.  We want to see ourselves through the lens of the world – is more Schneider better for the planet and for climate? If we can answer yes to that question, then we know that we are really part of the solution and not part of the problem. Especially on climate, many of us have taken stands on being carbon neutral by a certain date and we have only half of the answers on how to get there. Daring to commit before having all the answers is in an imperative. A specific leap of faith we have just taken in this area is committing to work with our top 1000 Suppliers to half their CO2 emissions by 2025.”

Helping Schneider Electric create smart factories of the future

Harnessing innovation to accelerate a better future

A recent World Economic Forum report found that in looking to climate change, digital technologies are already helping to cut industrial carbon emissions by up to fifteen per cent, translating to more than the combined carbon footprints of the EU and the US. At AVEVA we take our responsibility seriously and are continuing to make significant advancements to our technologies - including AI, cloud and predictive analytics. In fact, it is through our technology handprint we believe we have the biggest opportunity to make a positive impact. We are proud to be already helping our customers in a variety of industries make positive energy transitions, reducing noxious emotions, reducing waste and boosting circularity – while enhancing transparency and resiliency throughout their operations.

Leveraging digitization for a sustainable new world

The future belongs to companies that are committed to being part of the solution, leveraging digitization tools and harnessing deeper intelligence to drive win-win outcomes for the planet, people and profits. We take our commitment seriously and are excited to be collaborating with our peers and fellow leaders to help accelerate innovation in combating climate change, transforming opportunity into sustainable business value while enabling people and industries to thrive.

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