Collaborating to drive positive change and accelerate a more just, sustainable future

Posted: November ?, 2021

World leaders are coming together this week at the United Nations 26th annual Climate Change Conference (COP26) to re-galvanize their efforts and accelerate action towards reaching the goals outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement.  New research from PwC’s Net Zero Economy Index indicates that to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement, global carbon emissions must fall by 50% in the next nine years, with a decarbonization rate of 11.7% required to keep global warming within 1.5°C. Sustainability is the highest it has ever been on the global agenda, and it is just as high on our own.

At AVEVA, we are committed to being leaders in sustainable innovation. I am proud to announce that we have recently published our first Sustainability Report. This report affirms our commitment to exemplify sustainable and ethical business practices within our own operations, advance gender equality and equity in the workplace, and increase our software’s capability to support industrial decarbonization.

How industrial software and a data-centric approach facilitates the net-zero economy

We have been collaborating with our customers and driving sustainable outcomes for many years. For decades, AVEVA’s software solutions have helped digitize businesses and have transformed the energy efficiency, circularity, traceability and resilience of their operations. One of our customers, the University of California at Davis, was one of the first major universities to pledge carbon neutrality by 2025. AVEVA System Platform and AVEVA’s PI System have played a critical role in supporting these ambitious goals across 1000+ buildings on campus. The University has used AVEVA’s software to optimize energy use and equipment performance, resulting in a 62% reduction in campus gas use and a savings of more than $13M since 2009. The school also shares data stored in its PI System with students and faculty to use in courses and projects, including proving real-world data sets to engineering and environmentalism students.

Alongside renewables-based electrification, bioenergy and hydrogen, there is growing consensus that carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies have a key role to play in the transition to a net-zero carbon emissions world. AVEVA is excited to be involved in several efforts helping to spearhead this transition. For example, we are working with Aker Carbon Capture, a leading carbon capture technology provider, to help mitigate the environmental impact of industry.  AVEVA’s Unified Engineering in the cloud helps Aker Solutions create efficient and repeatable designs for productized carbon capture units, allowing teams to collaborate across time zones, resulting in an increase in operational efficiency and time to market by over 50%.

Collaborating to create positive change

Recognizing the importance of collaboration in building a net-zero world, I recently joined fellow sustainability leaders from Microsoft, Schneider Electric, Neste and Ørsted in a discussion at our AVEVA PI World virtual event. During our session, we discussed our collective sustainability-focused priorities and the significance of digitalization in driving net-zero efforts. We heard how our partners are collaborating with AVEVA to optimize sustainable operations, enhance safety and efficiency and minimize emissions through a combination of AI-based analytics and contextual information.

In helping to build collective resilience, lower emissions and increase climate ambition, we are also excited to be joining our partners Wood group and Microsoft and many of our peers, during the upcoming COP26 event in Glasgow. We welcome the opportunity to team up with fellow industry innovators to tackle the climate crisis together, and to foster collaboration between businesses, governments and civil society.

We all share the responsibility of working to create a more sustainable and just future. I look forward to continuing to challenge ourselves to go further, to collaborate and innovate even more to turn our net-zero future from a dream into an achievable reality.

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