Delivering Enhanced Customer Value Through AVEVA Select

Posted: September 16, 2020

As one of the largest and most vibrant value-add networks in the Industrial software market today, the AVEVA Partner Network is setting the pace for creating innovation in solution design, delivery, and quality support. That is why I am so happy that we have launched AVEVA Select, a new full portfolio program, created specifically for select AVEVA distribution partners to represent our comprehensive software offering. The AVEVA Select program has been designed for partners to help our customers accelerate their digital transformation agendas by leveraging the breadth of AVEVA’s portfolio, with the local sales and support they have come to trust over the past 30 years.

Current economic disruption is impacting billions of lives in the global economy. This inevitably means that customers are also facing considerable business upheaval, supply chain delays, and economic uncertainty. At AVEVA, along with our Partner network, we are committed to helping our customers navigate these uncertain times by utilizing the full breadth of our portfolio to enhance agility and drive successful business outcomes regardless of the external environment. The AVEVA portfolio strongly aligns with the business imperatives and trends witnessed by our industrial markets, customers, and partners. 

The move to digital is becoming central to every interaction, forcing both organizations and individuals in the industrial sector to expand the adoption of digital technologies almost overnight. Digital channels have become critical to the customer-engagement model, and increasingly automated processes are driving productivity as well as providing customers with flexible, transparent, and stable supply chains.  The AVEVA Select program will support customers in this necessary transition by addressing an ever-increasing scope of engineering, operational, and performance challenges with a single software platform, increasing agility, and reducing the associated cost and risk.

The transition to digital is leading to the acceleration of technology shifts across all industrial vertical markets, which in turn is creating new and unique opportunities to address the common challenges our customers are facing today. Cloud, for example, is rapidly gaining ground in industrial sectors with hybrid clouds, and combinations of public and private clouds are all seeing rapid growth.  Likewise, Big Data Analytics is supporting improved product quality and performance, decision making, and lower operations/maintenance costs whilst Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning are driving significant improvements in asset productivity. It is through the application of these trends and so many more, that AVEVA is delivering value and creating opportunities for our customers and partners.

With a growing network of over 100 AVEVA distributor partners and over 4000 AVEVA Systems Integrators (SI) across the globe, customers have access to the largest community of experienced sales, delivery, and solutions experts providing the latest thinking on performance management of industrial operations. The AVEVA Select program is a key initiative for our distributors to promote the full breadth and value of applications developed and delivered on the AVEVA platform worldwide. Consequently, customers can rely on their local AVEVA partner community to help support and execute their operational vision. Local sales, delivery, and support reduce risk in solution design, deployment, and maintenance. 

The AVEVA Select Program can provide a fast and effective way for our partners to penetrate new markets and build upon existing solutions and local relationships.  AVEVA Select distributors provide training and AVEVA certification to local systems integrators, enabling them to build the skills and expertise required to design and deliver projects using the latest methodologies and tools. Our relationships with the leading technology and consulting firms worldwide, also provide our customers with additional opportunities to expand their relationships within the AVEVA distributor Network.

The scope and impact of the full program also extend to the delivery partners and opens up the full portfolio further to allow our most important partners to represent the entire AVEVA portfolio.  Customers and partners can now work with their AVEVA Select local distribution partners to access the full spectrum of AVEVA solutions, leveraging the investment in their installed base of AVEVA software to address new challenges and realize superior returns.  New certifications for AVEVA SI partners ensure they are properly enabled to efficiently deliver quality solutions

AVEVA Select is the latest development in AVEVA’s channel partner strategy that is focused on delivering the highest value to our customers. Together with AVEVA’s unique network of localized sales and support distributors, customers now have access to the highest level of local expertise and support for AVEVA’s solutions.


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