Highlights from AVEVA PI World Digital 2021

Find out why data is the “new oil” of the industrial world

Posted: November 19, 2021

At this year’s AVEVA PI World Digital we demonstrated many of the exciting results industrial companies are realizing now that the PI System is part of AVEVA’s leading industrial information management portfolio. Executives discussed our new AVEVA Data Hub and how it fits into our portfolio and strategic vision. Our three-day event featured talks spanning the essential industries, with more than 160 international speakers ranging from executive leadership to customer presentations.

The power of the PI System

The inaugural AVEVA PI World Digital merged the traditional PI World and AVEVA World Digital events to showcase the importance of the PI System in the vast ecosystem of solutions within AVEVA. AVEVA also shared its vision for the future, which prominently features the PI System and the people who make it amazing.

We hope you were able to attend online, but if not, AVEVA PI World Digital invites you to get to know the faces as part of the new, combined, AVEVA, and hear insights from familiar partners and peers you know and trust from the PI System team.

Post-event recordings of the sessions are available on-demand. Don’t know where to start? Here are some highlights:

Keynotes featuring AVEVA executives

“Data is the ‘new oil’ of the industrial world”

AVEVA CEO, Peter Herweck, and OSIsoft Founder and AVEVA Chairman Emeritus, J. Patrick Kennedy, show how the combination of the PI System and AVEVA software raises the bar on what industrial companies can achieve around the world. They discuss how to utilize data to respond to large, sudden changes in demand. They also address managing supply chain shifts in an agile and efficient way, and the critical role data will play in the emerging, connected, industrial economy.

Highlights from AVEVA PI World Digital 2021

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AVEVA’s portfolio roadmap

EVP of AVEVA’s Operations Business, Rob McGreevy, and Ronan de Hooge, EVP of Information, share an update on AVEVA’s portfolio roadmap and how we are integrating the transformational capabilities of the PI System product suite into AVEVA’s software stack. Learn more about the new AVEVA Data Hub, which will expand many of the existing OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) capabilities to AVEVA Connect, coming in early 2022. Find out how AVEVA Data Hub will enable seamless access to operational data and help you harness the power of artificial intelligence to optimize performance.

The data explosion and accelerating digital transformation

Andreas Hartl, AVEVA’s SVP of Cloud, and Gregg LeBlanc, SVP of Products, share AVEVA's vision for an industrial cloud hub that accelerates digital transformation and why this is critical to staying competitive. Find out how the hub extends on-premise systems into a seamless landscape of people, teams, experts, plants and systems to connect the industrial economy.

Capital Projects & Engineering

  • Burns & McDonnell is on a journey to bring all project information together in a web-based, multi-tenant, collaborative environment with AVEVA Asset Information Management.
  • Wood is unlocking sustainability in capital projects, unlocking solutions to the world’s most critical challenges, with a focus on their Connected Build offering.
  • Wassim Ghadban, VP Global Innovation & Digital Engineering at SNC Lavalin, covers a maturity approach to the digital twin and how to optimize this process to derive maximum value at critical points across both Engineering and Operations.


  • Albemarle is scaling the use of statistical process control using the PI System asset framework and machine learning to ensure long-term sustainability and empowered employees.

Food & Beverage

  • Kellogg's used the PI System to build digital twins of all packing line equipment at its Valls manufacturing facilities, improving equipment mean time between failures (MTBF) and reducing the number of minor stops on the line to meet its overall equipment efficiency goals.


  • Using the PI System server, PI System integrators, and PI System interfaces and connectors, Sandvik is turning data into actionable insights to move from proof of concept to enterprise-wide implementation.


  • The TS Queen Mary, an iconic ship built in 1933, has been remodeled and preserved as a historic education center thanks to AVEVA’s 3D engineering, design and shipbuilding software.
  • The strategic partnership between ABS' My Digital Fleet and the PI System provides an integrated solution that strengthens smart ship operations by empowering users to derive powerful live insights from voyage performance, reduce fuel costs, and meet decarbonization goals.
  • The Port of Valencia relies on the PI System as a real-time data infrastructure to enable smarter, more sustainable port operations.

Mining & Metals

  • BHP is leveraging operational data to minimize environmental impact, integrating sensor data and geospatial information to generate over 6,000 alerts to assist in environmental compliance management.
  • Hindustan Zinc uses the PI System to enhance efficiency, optimize people management, and improve asset performance while minimizing costs.

Oil & Gas

  • Chevron uses the PI System cloud to securely share information, optimizing gas plant and full field operations.
  • Exxon improved profitability by simplifying the well test process with the PI System and Asset Framework.


  • This session features two client success stories presented by INDEFF. Krungthai Foods, a subsidiary of GFPT, Thailand’s leading exporter of poultry products, is using AVEVA software to control their production, from raw material intake to finished goods bulk loading. Datwyler, who makes elastomer components, uses AVEVA software to scale-up production capacity during the pandemic.

Power Generation

  • EDF Renewables  is bringing revenue-based decision making out of the back office and into real-time operations using data from the PI System as well as third party data and financial logic to create forecasted revenue streams. 
  • AGL built an event-based assessment system for frequency response verification, with multi-level reporting and automatic performance alerts.
  • For Duke Energy, the PI System is a single source of truth, enabling advanced analytics for continuous machine health assessments, improved asset reliability, and informed business decisions.

Transmission & Distribution

  • Commonwealth Edison Company uses the PI System to monitor and automate team updates and support exception-based analytics.
  • Ameren is shifting their business model from electric power generation to the safe, reliable, secure, affordable delivery of power, enabled by digital transformation.
  • The Taiwan Power Company is using the PI System for microgrid/distributed energy resource management, optimizing renewable power and distributed energy resources.


  • ProRail is shifting to condition-based predictive maintenance to increase railway traffic without having building new tracks, creating an optimized, more sustainable operation.
  • North American Construction Group is lowering costs, increasing availability, and providing better solutions to their clients using the PI System to integrate best of breed technology and services.


  • The City of Riverside saved $1.3 million per year on their water operations using the PI System integrator for ESRI/ArcGIS to display service requests and work orders geospatially on a map.
  • Gippsland Water uses analytical models and machine learning to find leaks and main breaks, creating a real-time, asset-specific leak detection model which can be applied at scale.
  • Georgia Tech is using local, edge analytics to bypass putting data into the cloud for crucial analyses.
  • FACENS is a smart city living lab in Brazil that monitors multiple systems, from water to highways, gathering data from over 40 sensors and converting real problems into applicable solutions in an urban context.

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