How Accurate Is Your Plant Data that You Use for Production Accounting?

Posted: June 15,2021

There will always be slight inaccuracies between measured values and true values in a plant. Sometimes the data is off by a bit due to measurement device malfunction.

Sometimes, it is just incorrect.

Incorrect data can negatively impact profitability!

Chemical processes are complex, making it impractical to finding errors manually. However, it is important for process engineers and production accountants to both know when to accept slight inaccuracies and when to take action on a true measurement error.

When discrepancies are within tolerable limits, it is also important to be able to apportion them to the various streams within the plant.

AVEVA Production Accounting enables a refinery or chemical plant to maximize its production efficiency by ensuring that no product inventory is left unaccounted. It also ensures compliance with environmental regulations because the software application provides accurate feedstock consumption calculations.

AVEVA is proud to announce the release of AVEVA Production Accounting 2021!

Here is an overview of some new features and improvements:

  • Improved Speed in the software to save trouble shooting time.
  • Enhanced Security due to more secured authentication for users.
  • A Better Overall User Experience with a more intuitive interface, improved navigation, better data management tools and much more!

This translates into customers being likely to use the product because it will be easier to do so with less mistakes and times made along the way. With all these reasons our customers are going benefit from this update, which means they'll have happier employees who can't wait to get back on their machines knowing everything is under control while improving production efficiency at every level!

Now we're ready for AVEVA Production Accounting 2021! Available Now!


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