How to choose the right IT partner for your digital transformation journey

Posted: October 26, 2021

How we communicate and do business in the engineering and industrial sector is changing. Our needs for remote networking, improving online client experiences, and increasing operational efficiency are shared drivers of digitalization across businesses. Staying competitive now means engaging in digital transformation initiatives focused on new business processes, services, and competitive strategies.

But your focus needs to be on your evergreen needs – profitability, competitiveness, attracting and keeping customers and clients, and saving time. Not on managing your IT, worrying about over-or under-provisioning, or the stability, speed, and flexibility of your infrastructure. And of course, the last thing you need is network downtime.

How far along your digital transformation journey are you?

The right IT can be a bedrock of support for these needs, but without the right expertise for your specific business requirements, the digital journey can be hard. Risks include business disruption, misaligned spending, and IT staff spending their time firefighting in the face of ever-increasing complexity.

Do you have a map, a strategy, for this journey?

Collaboration is key – find the right partner.

Managing new tech infrastructure and development needs an expert team that can get on with analyzing, implementing and maintaining your IT needs while you focus on your business objectives. The right partner is one that:

  • Has a plan to maximize your return on investment and can explain the financial implications for your business
  • Has performance credentials in organizations of a similar size and with similar intricacies to yours
  • Understands your data compliance environment and has a proven track record around security
  • Has a plan to create an ecosystem that fits your specific business – asks and thinks about your business goals before recommending IT solutions
  • Has a proven record of reducing downtime and a guaranteed plan if services are interrupted
  • Understand the importance of sustainability in the energy, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

Why choose AVEVA?

AVEVA is a global leader in engineering and industrial software driving digital transformation across the entire asset and operations life cycle of capital-intensive industries. When you partner with us, you get the added benefit of our powerful collaboration with Microsoft. Our partnership turns data from the IoT into instructions designed by an AI system that increases performance and efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and cut emissions in line with our shared sustainability focus.

As the 2021 Microsoft Energy Partner of the Year, we’ve collaborated to focus on Cloud and AI to drive sustainable digital transformation in the manufacturing and energy industries. AVEVA’s portfolio is integrated with Microsoft cloud services to bring infrastructure, data, and AI services that make sure you have the intelligence for seamless, intelligent performance.

Our solutions and expertise optimize engineering, operations, and performance, transforming opportunity into business across water, energy, food, and infrastructure sectors. If you need an expert partner on your digitalization journey, look no further. Contact us and start your digital transformation journey today.


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