Shaping the hydrogen rainbow: how digital innovation drives profitability and accelerates decarbonization of renewables

Reflections following World Environment Day and World Ocean Day

At AVEVA, our core mission is to spark industrial ingenuity that drives responsible use of the world’s resources.  Innovation in process technology has long helped improve efficiency across industries’ energy, resources, and materials use, paving the way for decarbonization. The benefits of digitalization in renewables are particularly marked: a recent study by the World Economic Forum showed digital project design and execution of renewable plants, including hydrogen power facilities, would cut CAPEX by 10 to 15% and reduce risk by 30 to 50[JA1] %.

Following #worldenvironmentday, it’s timely to reflect on how the software sector is partnering with pioneering companies to promote faster innovation in hydrogen technologies, and how it’s investing to better support carbon capture and storage and emissions measurement and monitoring.  At AVEVA, we are pleased to see that owner-operators and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies rely on our engineering solutions to design their flagship green and blue hydrogen plants. The hydrogen economy is growing rapidly, with more than 30 “hydrogen valleys” worldwide across 18 countries, despite being early in the innovation cycle. We are supporting the design of several facilities and investing in hydrogen-related software research to ensure teams will have the much-needed tools to optimize new plant operations. Recent examples include:

  • In 2021, AVEVA announced a partnership with Saudi Aramco. One of the primary goals was to use digital technologies to develop and deploy blue hydrogen and decarbonization facilities in Saudi Arabia[DN1] . Fast-forward a year, and today we are working on scoping a pilot project that would be the first deployment of AVEVA’s green hydrogen capabilities across the span of their operations and activities.
  • AVEVA™ Unified Engineering software, together with AVEVA™ PI System™ data, is helping optimize operational design for one of the largest hydrogen power suppliers in Canada. AVEVA™ E3D Design is enabling the team to optimize the design of the new green hydrogen plant while our visualization tools are helping increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and drive sustainability throughout the design process and project execution.

In hydrogen, as in other sectors, adopting a digital way of thinking is key for optimizing innovation. Accurate, real-time data combined with sector-specific analysis and the scope and scale of cloud quickly delivers measurable savings and accelerates time-to-value. This is especially key for emerging sectors like green and blue hydrogen. 

As we work with customers to increase scale and reduce solution costs, we are seeing the global hydrogen sector evolve. Pivotal new technologies such as digital twins and simulation tools are helping projects transition from prototype to successful commercialization. We see the sector as a key pathway to long-term energy transition and critical to decarbonizing hard-to-abate industry sectors, such as steel and cement.

Clean hydrogen is projected to contribute as much as 20% of the total abatement needed in 2050 to achieve a net zero global economy (Hydrogen Council). If we are going to realize its full potential, we need to act now. As of today, industries remain tentative and are not scaling fast enough. As we invest in research for the future and to develop our capabilities, AVEVA is committed to driving deeper innovation that can make net zero a reality.


To learn more about how AVEVA software drives sustainability visit: Our approach (

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