Is old technology holding you back in Oil & Gas?

Posted: December 15, 2020

The Oil & Gas Industry is tough!

It always has been a tough industry, with 2020 being quite a bit tougher than most years.

2021 & 2022 will probably be rough as well. The AEI believes that oil demand won’t return to pre-COVID-19 levels until 2023. (source)

Can your company survive a volatile 2 years?

Only if you are agile.

Unfortunately, you can NOT be agile with outdated or antiquated technology.

Most companies in the Oil & Gas industry are a little behind. Most are using legacy points solutions that are pieced together or ,gasp, require manual data transfer to get the job done.

The biggest problem with this is that if keeps everyone working in silos and limits collaboration because everyone is working from different data sources, or with data from different time stamps.

Let’s look specifically at the supply chain. Most supply chains are very conservative in their calculations because each group within the supply chain builds in their own safety margin. When those individual safety margins compound, you end up with a plan that is too conservative.

This is a direct result of outdated, antiquated legacy point solutions.

Most of these solutions were build 20-30 years ago, well before cloud computing and modern computer languages.

They inhibit collaboration. They promote siloed working environments.

The biggest question is, how accurate is the data that each group is working with.

Who is working with the most accurate data?

But all is not lost. There is an answer.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain is the only complete supply chain management solution with a unified environment and database. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain combines enterprise crude knowledge management, planning, scheduling and network optimization activities in a single software application

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain was developed from the ground up utilizing the latest technology for cloud deployment, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. We focus on Supply Chain Management but extend into operations execution, closing the loop is essential for realizing value from supply chain planning.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain ensures security and visibility of supply chain knowledge, with simple, consistent access to data and easy integration to external business systems.

For the first time, planning, scheduling, assay management, and supply distribution can share the same understanding of the plant and of the business. Let users concentrate on their tasks while building on established business rules.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain breaks down those silos, increases collaboration, and communication to the point where everyone understands what the other groups are doing. This allows each group to minimize their safety margin, resulting in a much less conservative supply chain calculation.

AVEVA Unified Supply is already recognized as a modern solution addressing the modern problems the O&G industry is facing and deployed in many tier 1 & 2 refineries world-wide.

The O&G industry is tough, and it is time for you to get agile with a solution that is even tougher!

Give your company a chance to remain competitive in 2021 and beyond.

Check out AVEVA Unified Supply Chain.


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