Power up the new workforce with immersive training

Universal Studios Japan recently opened the first Super Nintendo World theme park, meaning it’s now possible to step foot into the Mushroom Kingdom and experience the world of Mario in first person. But this is hardly Mario’s first experience in three dimensions. The first 3D Mario game was released way back in 1996. 3D Mario is now old enough to stop playing games and, as a long-time pipe aficionado, maybe get a job in a chemical plant.

But what would our hero find on his first day of training? Would the operator qualification sequence hold his attention? In real life, today’s new workers have grown up with immersive 3D environments in which they can interact, explore, make mistakes, and then try again. They expect a similar experience in industrial training. AVEVA’s immersive training simulators can match expectation to (virtual) reality.

Engage a new generation of chemicals workers

The chemicals industry faces a generational shift in the workforce. Experienced operators and engineers are retiring, and the need to pass their expertise to new generations is growing urgent. Yet many chemical companies are overly reliant on training methods that don’t engage the new generation.

At AVEVA, we create industrial software that inspires people to shape a sustainable future. In the world of operator training, that means breaking down the barriers that prevent chemical companies from using engaging, experiential learning every day.

AVEVA™ XR for Training leverages a company’s Digital Twin investment to drop trainees into an immersive, 3D environment that matches the look and feel of the real plant. With a direct connection to an AVEVA™ Operator Training Simulator, the training environment can even mimic the dynamic process behavior of a chemicals plant.

And because safe operation isn’t a game, AVEVA™ Unified Learning provides a single, integrated service to take operators through the complete learning cycle – Learn, Practice, Assess, and Reinforce – and track the impact on operational excellence.

Transform training in the cloud

Much like Mario’s 3D world, many of these technologies have been around for a while. The transformational element is AVEVA™ Connect, our common cloud platform. AVEVA software in the cloud drives business resiliency for our customers; enabling them to transform faster, reduce costs and easily scale up and down to respond to dynamic economic conditions and ensure sustainable growth.

To see AVEVA solutions applied, join our webinar where BASF will explain their strategy for new operator training as well as the appropriate use and benefits of experiential training, including simulators and virtual reality.

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