Our Industrial Life: The podcast for critical operations

Posted: December 09, 2020

Our Industrial Life investigates how data and technology are shaping the present and future of the connected industrial economy. Leading experts of critical industries—from water and power to manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, and beyond—discuss the cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the way engineers from essential industries keep the everyday parts of life running.

"We love to get into the details,” said Cristin Balog, AVEVA’s vice president of Content Studio. "We've talked to thousands of customers over the years, and they've told us what works, what doesn't, what they planned, and what was a surprise benefit. We're inviting back our most popular conference presenters from the past 20 years of user conferences," Balog said, "because those are the folks whose success stories and things to avoid you won't hear anywhere else."

Listen to guests recount how they’ve used Wi-Fi data to measure building capacity, how they’ve improved the reliability of wells in a vast oil field with inexpensive wireless sensors, and how dividing their continuous operation into discrete events lets them discern previously missed failure modes. "The success stories stack up­­—with a lot of cross-fertilization between industries,” said Balog. "My favorite part is the lightning round at the end about the oddities of working in operations. That's not something you hear outside of the plants,” she said.

Our Industrial Life features guests from all the major industrial sectors, such as oil and gas, utilities, life sciences, mining, chemicals, and food and beverage. Join our host, Rebecca Ahrens, and learn about the incredible things being done with industrial data to create a more connected economy and a more sustainable future.

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