Raise your training ROI with AVEVA™ Unified Learning

Integrated, cloud-based learning drives competence

People are at the heart of every industrial operation. Companies already spend substantial time and money in training, but few get the return on investment they deserve.

AVEVA Unified Learning combines the latest simulation technologies with sound instructional design to deliver competency-based experiential learning, so that operators perform better in less time.

The integrated approach maximizes results and ROI to:

  • Close the competency gap
  • Eliminate inconsistencies in performance
  • Sustain results and drive behavior / culture change
  • Extend the value of the digital twin

Users can now access AVEVA Unified Learning as a single, integrated service through our common cloud platform, AVEVA™ Connect. Cloud-based training makes experiential learning accessible to every member of your team. A single training program can immediately scale to an enterprise-wide solution with resilience and security built in.

AVEVA Unified Learning addresses the complete learning cycle for industrial training

Industrial training for the way people actually learn

Traditional classroom training has little ability to drive sustained results. Unlike “one-and-done” training programs, AVEVA Unified Learning takes users through the complete learning cycle – Learn, Practice, Assess, and Reinforce. It incorporates advanced experiential training tools – AVEVA™ Operator Training Simulator and AVEVA™ XR for Training – to match the look, feel and behavior of an actual plant. With the latest release, AVEVA Unified Learning now includes a complete learning management system and new technologies to maximize every stage of the learning cycle.

  • Process Competency Training

Highly engaging, ready-made training courses for a variety of processes and industrial operations. Process Competency Training includes generic operator training simulators for representative oil and gas, chemicals, and power facilities.

  • Pipeline Competency Training

Oil and gas pipeline operators can quickly meet the qualification training requirements of the US Office of Pipeline Safety. Pipeline Competency Training includes a fully functional SCADA control system together with three different pipeline models (Crude, Products, and Gas) to provide an advanced, realistic simulation while offering the ease of implementation and instant scalability of AVEVA Connect.

  • OEG Knowledge Library

Fundamental process operator visual learning for companies in the process industry. The OEG Knowledge Library enhances AVEVA Unified Learning with rich learning content, purpose-built for basic operator training.

  • Microlearning

Microlearning delivers personalized, bite-sized bursts of information for training reinforcement that fits right into the workflow. Your people log in for 3-5 minutes a day so, when it’s time to act, they’ll know just what to do for the good of your organization.

Drive measurable performance outcomes centered around your needs

By addressing the root causes of performance and completing the learning cycle, companies can improve safety, reduce downtime, maximize production, and reduce human error. And embracing the cloud can slash the total cost of the training program by up to 50%. With lower costs and better performance, AVEVA Unified Learning dramatically raises your training ROI.

For more information, explore the AVEVA Unified Learning interactive datasheet

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