The Intelligence Evolution

Posted: February 4, 2020

At the ARC Forum in Orlando this week, everyone’s talking about technology’s power to rewrite manufacturing operating models. With globalization gaining momentum, and increasing focus on sustainability, there’s never been more interest in how the industry can nimbly meet customers’ evolving needs.

One of the most exciting frontiers of innovation is data/intelligence and mobility for connected workers. Leading manufacturers have been merging data silos for some time, creating holistic information that spans the entire manufacturing value chain. What’s new is combining that insight with predictive and prescriptive analytics for operations teams, and maintenance teams. This gives you better oversight of your entire supply chain, and your operations. It also means you can run analytics across the entire data suite. As a result of this AI, AVEVA Operations Management Interface, plus HMI with intelligent alarming infused, you can optimize your supply and achieve just-in-time delivery, every time.

The opportunities don’t end there. Because analytics are enabling companies to respond to emerging consumer preferences, such as the trend for personalization of mass-produced products to streamline processes. I can now order a personalized pair of shoes, from my global preferred brand, and have it delivered to my door. It’s just one example of how technology is supporting consumers’ demand for personalized products. The complexity is mind-boggling, but the tech has made it a reality. And all of us- and our feet, are benefiting.

Closing the gap between people and technology

When you combine data and analytics with cloud-enabled HMI, SCADA and visualization tools that span the Edge to the Enterprise operations portfolio, you create a network of connected workers. Together, these networked teams can make better decisions that optimize production, reduce costs, minimize waste and increase output; delivering on-time and in-full, all while meeting all quality, safety and sustainability obligations.

This is why our products are “infused” with artificial intelligence. We do this so that you can continually optimize your operations performance. Combined with the latest multi-experience tools, also available in the cloud, your teams can now access the same dashboards, data and analytics on any device, wherever they are, be that out in the field, or in the heart of your enterprise headquarters.

Streamlining operations – for discrete manufacturing

AVEVA is also focused on understanding and helping solve our customers’ specific needs, and we recognize that those requirements vary from sector to sector.

AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management is specifically targeted for the discrete manufacturing market and batch processing. The integrated system marks the end of endless paper trails in manufacturing operations. It is proven to help your teams to boost productivity, increase reliability and remain cost competitive in a highly competitive market. It also supports the new trend towards personalization, as the customized shoes example above shows!

Are you ready to embrace the future of manufacturing? We’re standing by explore what it could mean for your business. Discover more about our Edge to the Enterprise operations portfolio or visit our booth at ARC Forum this week.

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