Weaving a Digital Thread from Edge to Enterprise with AVEVA Operations Control

Posted: July 29, 2021

When you picture efficient operations for your business, what does that look like? It likely includes systems that are integrated and able to communicate with one another. It probably includes technologies that allow various teams to access the same information, or a holistic overview of multiple disparate systems. It likely doesn’t include hassles like handwritten record-keeping, confusing or contradictory dashboards, or complex workarounds to share information from one department to another. 

That’s where the concept of the Digital Thread comes into play. The digital thread represents an ideal of a connected data flow and integrated view of an asset’s data throughout its lifecycle across traditionally siloed functional perspectives. What it means in practice is ensuring that teams have the right information at the right time. What is the best strategy to weave this thread through operations into an integrated environment where data can be collected and displayed in a single-source-of-truth? It all begins with tying operations together with complementary software from edge to enterprise. 

Start at the Edge

While it contains the simplest components, like smart meters or single machines, edge devices can be among the hardest to integrate into a holistic view of operations control. Too often, this critical information is siloed on-premise and the lack of visibility can minimize its effectiveness as a tool for making real-time decisions.

AVEVA has taken a novel approach to edge fleets, with tools like Edge Management for AVEVA Edge (only available with FLEX credits), which allows you to monitor and control all your edge devices within a single environment in the cloud. That cloud capability also makes it easy to gain actionable information at the edge of your system using tools like AVEVA Insight. The breadth of AVEVA’s portfolio allows you to visualize your edge data in your HMI and SCADA software, or take full advantage of the cloud to bring edge data to your entire operations team with AVEVA Operations Control Edge edition. There’s no excuse for not utilizing all your data when making business decisions.

Bringing the Business Together

To make the most use of your available capabilities, use your SCADA and enterprise software to create an overhead view of all of operations, rather than monitoring line by line or machine to machine. Act based on the combined performance of operations and allow team members to access the information at a glance that enables them to make actionable decisions. Enterprise-level visibility will also help you standardize across departments, and further improve the strength of your digital thread as it crosses departments and business functions.

AVEVA Operations Control Supervisory Edition will ensure that you have everything you need for enhanced SCADA systems that offer insight and the ability to add context to data from across the organization so that your teams can make agile, informed decisions.

Full Automation Maturity

Full Automation Maturity is a goal to work toward, but it is never fully ‘complete’. Mature operations automation means you’re incorporating all your data and making it useful, and you’re able to automate decision-making to the extent that it makes sense. At full automation maturity the digital thread ties together IT and OT, which drives exceptional collaboration abilities, and full insight into the business across a regional or global operations.

Not sure where you sit on the industrial automation maturity curve? Check for yourself so that you can keep working toward your goals.

Once you’re automated to the point of fully integrated operations from edge to enterprise, it’s time to start looking into AVEVA Operations Control Enterprise edition, which will ensure that you have everything you need to make full use of your enterprise-wide knowledge and data.

An All-Access Pass for Operations Control

AVEVA Operations Control is the easiest way to ensure your data moves seamlessly along the digital thread from the edge of your system to the enterprise level. With three different levels of software solutions based on the size of your business and where your company sits on the automation maturity curve, AVEVA Operations Control gives you an all-access pass to integrated software you’ll need at every stage of operations, with no limits on thin clients or tags.

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