When digitalization and transformation are not enough: Accelerate.

Posted: June 5, 2019

A billboard on the I-80 recently caused me to pause and think just how big Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 have become. It read “Get your Bachelors of Science in Predictive Analytics online now”. The degree “prepares students for careers in the emerging, high-demand field of big data”, says WSU. You can spend four years “learning the tools and techniques to collect, manage, explore and analyze large, complex datasets.” For industries at the forefront of change, it’s good to know that in four years’ time we will be able to hire this talent, ready-prepped for a world using, analyzing, and predicting more data than ever.

While many exciting things are going on in university labs, much of the world's most innovative thinking in industrial technology is happening in the field. Here, leading companies are transforming not only how they deal with data but also how they empower their people to use that information. This information, along with associated powerful analytics, can be used to help teams make better decisions and boost efficiency and profit. That's why I’m excited to attend this year's  AVEVA World Summit in Singapore, where senior executives across 15 industries will be sharing insights and discovering exactly how industry leaders are accelerating innovation and disrupting markets.

Accelerate Innovation

Digital Transformation is an industry buzzword. New technology is beginning to have significant impact on the Energy and Heavy Industries. Companies are seeking market and shareholder differentiation through sustained growth and improved efficiency. But to survive, and even thrive through low-growth periods, differentiation must also be found through improved asset utilization.

Digital Transformation ultimately transforms the way work is done throughout an organization. These new ways of working mean making and driving decisions across silos, leading to better decision-making, higher manufacturing efficiency, and increased asset utilization across multi-plant sites and integrated value chains.

But what differentiates leading, market-disrupting corporations is their ability to truly transform their businesses by innovating and accelerating past the competition.

Accelerating innovation is about doing the right things faster. It is a journey that must be driven from the top, empowering teams to innovate and create a culture of excellence throughout and across the organization.

Executives of leading oil & gas, mining, and power corporations know this already. That’s why projects such as the Panorama Digital Command Center at ADNOC and the OLEUM Industrial-sized Plant Training in the Cloud at Total have been so successful. Their strategies to accelerate digital transformation at the enterprise level have enabled them to increase profit and stay competitive.

At AVEVA World Summit 2019, executives from leading industrial companies will share how they boost efficiency and improve their return on net assets (RONA) to remain ahead of their competition.

Our dedicated Energy and Heavy Industries track will deep-dive into disruptive digital technology, discussing how it must be married with business intelligence and extensive process manufacturing knowledge to achieve accelerated digital transformation of the entire value chain.

AVEVA World Summit, 16-18 September, Singapore - Dedicated Energy and Heavy Industries Track

The AVEVA World Summit will include a dedicated track for Energy and Heavy Industries with three expert panels where leading professionals will share their experiences of accelerating innovation. These panels are:

Maximizing Return on Capital Projects with Unified Engineering and Project Delivery

The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) industry is currently undergoing a shift to EPC 4.0, effectively transforming how work is performed. The industry is accelerating this transformation to reduce costs and schedules through more effective process design selections and higher engineering efficiency, including the efficiencies of multi-plant projects and enhanced customer value.

Learn directly from expert leaders how unified engineering and project delivery is enabling organizations to be more productive. Discover how it is transforming already high-performing teams, and how it is improving margins and profitability.

Improving Asset Performance and Workforce Safety

The ability to identify, diagnose and prioritize impending equipment problems in real time can prevent costly failures and reduce downtime, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your assets and your people. Adopting predictive maintenance strategies can increase asset utilization while driving operational excellence.

Learn directly from customers how asset performance management solutions advance their enterprises through improved reliability, safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Leveraging Enterprise Visualization and Value Chain Optimization to Improve Profitability

Market volatility, competitive pressures and demand fluctuations continue to drive companies to look for innovative ways to maximize efficiency across their value chain. Coupled with 360 ° enterprise visualization, an integrated value chain enables enterprise agility, drives better decision-making and reduces value leaks.

Learn directly from owner operators and market leaders on how they leverage operational digital transformation as a competitive differentiator to increase profitability, efficiency, enterprise agility and insight across the operations value chain.


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