Why Pride Matters to AVEVA

Posted: 1 Jun 2022

Understanding. Rights. Acceptance. Warmth. Joy. Inclusion. Pride matters to us for many reasons. It matters because we believe diversity and inclusion should be at the very heart of our culture. It matters because different identities, as sources of cognitive diversity, are vital assets for propelling creativity, innovation, and business success. It matters because we support our colleagues and customers who are part of LGBTQ+ communities. It matters because inclusive communities fuel insight, drive understanding, and create richer teams and work experiences.

Pride started as a protest. Now, it’s both a reminder and a celebration: A reminder of the need to protect, honour, and speak out for human rights and a celebration of the energy, happiness, and possibilities created by diversity and inclusion.

At AVEVA, we are committed to building and maintaining welcoming, equitable, and collaborative teams and inclusive workplaces, in which every colleague feels safe, supported, and able to be themselves and give their best. This requires ongoing, collective effort, both big strategic support for diversity and inclusion, as well as individual actions that foster a culture of belonging.

Celebrating Pride is a way to build and maintain that culture. As Lena Milosevic, MBE, Global Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing at AVEVA says, “pride is about visibility. Pride is about diversity. Pride is about love. Pride is about family. Pride creates a sense of belonging for people who may still often feel, and be, invisible and excluded.

“Pride is also about history, and commemoration of breaking through silence and invisibility. It’s a celebration of the accomplishments of communities, the recognition of love that dares speak, appreciation of difference. Pride is about awareness of sexual and gender identities and, perhaps most importantly, about the fact that we still have a long way to go to create a world that acknowledges and gives human rights to people from LGBTQ+ communities across the world.”

Our Pride celebrations last year focused on sharing the experiences of our community members. The highlights included a Transgender Awareness speaking event, which was further supported by a series of blogs from transgender colleagues, and a session with the comedian Navin Noronha, who spoke about his experience of being gay in India.

But whether it’s telling individual stories or raising awareness of issues that affect many LGBTQ+ people – coming out, parenting, allyship, and the use of personal pronouns, among others – Pride is a platform that reaches out to the wider world, amplifying the messages that are shared. 

This Pride month – the entire month of June – we will be celebrating Pride across AVEVA. We will introduce our new Pride logo. We’ll support a programme of events led by our fabulous PRIDE@AVEVA Employee Group. We’ll discuss human rights. We’ll share rainbow cake. We’ll build on actions taken throughout the year to foster a culture that values the contributions, talents and rights of LGBTQ+ people everywhere. Across the world, in all walks of life, we’ll be supporting them all with pride.


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