Features and Capabilities

Ensuring the quality and compliance of the information asset.


AVEVA NET Gatekeeper integrates directly with both AVEVA NET Dashboard and AVEVA NET Workhub. It is capable of automatically importing thousands of data objects in a single upload. 

AVEVA NET Gatekeeper validates the integrity of incoming information against configurable, defined criteria, whether applicable industry standards such as ISO 15926 or enterprise-specific ones. 


Levels of validation compliance can be defined according to appropriate criteria. Non-compliant data can be rejected automatically or accepted for import but flagged for review and resolution. This enables bulk information uploads to be performed efficiently and any errors or inconsistencies managed by exception, providing robust control of data quality without unnecessary hindrance to workflows. 

As well as enabling efficient business processes during both project execution and asset operations, by monitoring automated data uploads, AVEVA NET Gatekeeper enables phased information handover from contractor to operator.


AVEVA NET Gatekeeper provides not only information validation, but valuable additional capabilities, including: 

  • A formal process for information acceptance by an information manager. 
  • Streamlined data loading through the identification and loading of only information which is new or changed since the previous import. 
  • Full reporting of compliant and non-compliant information. 
  • Tools to provide configurable reports and key performance indicators on data quality.
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