Why do the world’s leading shipyards trust AVEVA?


Integrated, robust, comprehensive tools designed by shipyards for shipyards

Jen Rizzo from our Americas marine team discusses why integrated, robust, comprehensive tools designed by shipyards for shipyards are supporting the fabrication of some of the world's most innovative vessels.

I’ve been working in and around shipyards for almost 20 years now and I never cease to be amazed at the craftsmanship of shipyards around the globe.  I can remember the awestruck feeling I would get when working in a military shipyard and it was time for the ship to sail away with a deck lined with uniformed sailors and glittering with American flags.  It was an amazing to know I was a part of fabricating something so meaningful.

Now that I work on the technology side of the business, it is still amazing to know that the solutions we provide help drive the fabrication of such incredible vessels.  Just last week I had the pleasure of meeting some of my counterparts from around the globe in our London office.  My colleague from Korea showed a map of the southern coast of Korea and pointed out how all ten of the major shipyards in Korea were using AVEVA Engineering and Design solutions to drive ship production.  I was aware that many of the most efficient yards in the world used AVEVA, but to hear that 100% of the major shipyards in Korea use AVEVA was a different story.  These shipyards are world-renowned for their efficiency and ability to produce a high volume of ships, so it is no coincidence that they are all choosing AVEVA. The rest of the global shipbuilding world take note!

In addition to being able to drive production with best-in-class deliverables and direct feeds to the panel lines and robots, it seems that many of these yards choose AVEVA for the same reasons:

  • Integrated:  AVEVA is the only provider out there with a purpose-built solution for shipbuilding that offers out-of-the-box integrated tools for 1D, 2D and 3D engineering and design data.  Just the fact you can use AVEVA tools to break down silos and facilitate collaboration between the disciplines is a huge jump in efficiency.
  • Comprehensive:  Being able to use one set of tools from initial design into detail design and production is a great differentiator for the shipyards using AVEVA.  They don’t have to use a stand-alone system for early design and import models between systems.  AVEVA’s tools for shipbuilding span all cycles of the project.
  • Design Intent:  You can really tell that the team who completed the design work for a living, helped create AVEVA tools.  The shipyards adopting these tools appreciate the design intent that is integrated fully into our solution.  From parametric modeling to the use of design rules to quickly accomplish changes in the model, designers using AVEVA appreciate the efficiency the system offers when they are incorporating changes.
  • Robust:  Many of the shipyards using AVEVA tools are coincidently building some of the largest vessels being fabricated in the world today.  They rely on the robustness of AVEVA solutions to allow them to have very complex, extensive models, and to visualize them in a complete view within a single application. 

I’m sure the list goes on, but I’m also sure it is no coincidence that these industry-defining shipyards are all flying the AVEVA flag.  I’m excited to watch what continues to happen in the shipbuilding market and even more interested to see what will happen when shipyards around the globe realize AVEVA is one of the common denominators and “secret sauce” for world-class shipbuilding in Korea.  What is the rest of the world waiting for?


Jen Rizzo is a Senior Account Manager based in Houston, USA. She works with the full portfolio of AVEVA products, with emphasis on solutions for the shipbuilding market.  Jen has worked for AVEVA for the past eight years in Project Management, Business Development and Sales, with a specific focus on Materials Management, Construction Management and the critical role Engineering and Design data play in the construction of capital projects.  Jen has detailed experience of capital project production, having spent more than ten years in US Naval Shipbuilding. She has also worked on numerous software implementation projects in North America.  Jen holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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