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Keeping on top of constantly changing information from multiple sources

  • Project and asset information is hard to keep track of as it comes from a variety of different sources in as many different formats. Each system is optimised to keep track of its own data but, more often than not, the cross-discipline integrity of information is overlooked and left to manual checking processes.

  • To unite disparate data, project managers may have to search through multiple incompatible systems in an attempt to check for inconsistencies, which is time consuming and prone to errors.

  • Managing access to information can be as difficult as aggregating it, as well as making sure there is the right amount of data. Too little data can make decisions difficult, causing delay, and too much can increase time needed to analyse and search through.

... And How We Can Help

The right information, when you need it


AVEVA consolidates all contextual and background information within the tools themselves – which are then directly connected to your AVEVA Information Management solution. You can access and view any type of content without having to leave your working environment, increasing productivity and decision quality, removing the need to waste time searching for context.


Our core capability of a flexible and open technology stack means our users can easily incorporate project data from other vendor systems into one centralised location. Creating and maintaining industry-specific information standards is easy – for example CFIHOS and ISO 14224 – so it's simple to generate and maintain a complete set of information relevant to specific needs and requirements.


All of AVEVA’s products and tools are designed specifically with collaboration in mind. As such they all integrate seamlessly with each other – so when you buy any particular module or product you know from the outset that it will fit straight into your existing system.

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10,000 man-days savings per year on information discovery

Learn how Petroleum Development Oman unlocked the benefits of AVEVA Information Management at one of its most complex facilities.

Conception et ingénierie : un monde d’innovation

Découvrez comment nos clients ont su tirer profit de la technologie AVEVA.

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The right information, when and where you need it.

AVEVA Information Standards Manager™

Rationalise existing class libraries and impose consistent and compliant information standards for more efficient business processes.

AVEVA Engage™

Visualisation ultra haute définition avec possibilité de consulter instantanément les données en contexte sur écran tactile. Une nouvelle référence en matière d’ingénierie collaborative.

AVEVA has sales, support and development offices around the world.