Features and Capabilities

The overhead of maintaining enormous datasets and providing access across multiple teams and applications; being able to trust in the data and the resulting decisions made during consumption; aligning data and projects with existing business practices; and being able to adapt quickly as project requirements change, are some of the many challenges faced by many organisations.

LFM Server is the solution for all of these challenges and many more. A robust core provides unrestricted scalability while the processes built around this offer the flexibility to easily integrate with existing systems and workflows. 

Reduce the cost of capturing as-built information by up to 80% over traditional methods.

Improve safety and minimise costly shutdowns by reducing the time spent on site.

Reduce project rework to less than 1% by engineering in an accurate, immersive environment.

Increase the speed and accuracy of decision making by contextualising information.

Reduce project timescales during the design and construction phases by up to 80% and 20% respectively.

Provide a real-world environment across multiple entities for sharing and accessing information.

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