AVEVA Digital Twin Technology

By leveraging data that is created at every stage of the lifecycle, from design and build to operate and maintain, AVEVA provides a practical and efficient way to creating, integrating and maintaining Digital Twins to enable new ways of working


Discrete Digital Twin: The basic building block

“Discrete” digital twins focus on atomic resources, such as, individual assets, products, people and single process tasks. [Gartner Research]

Customer example: Italpresse Gauss developed a digital twin to collect operational data and improve situational awareness.


Composite Digital Twin: Complex processes

“Composite” digital twins represent a higher level process, function, or group of assets that combine several discrete digital twins.

Customer example: Lundin created a detailed digital twin of their offshore platform in an effort to shift more work onshore, where costs are lower.


Organization Digital Twin: The money machine

“Organization” digital twins are for optimizing higher-order, business-level outcomes. [Gartner calls it “Digital Twin of Organization”]

Customer example: ADNOC employs its Panorama Digital Command Center to optimize performance across its 14 business units in real time.

Curious to better understand the role of Digital Twins play in driving your digital transformation journey? Learn more about how AVEVA can help accelerate your efforts for maximized profitability and productivity.

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