Additional Information

The current version of AVEVA Experience is aimed at individual users and is not being made available for companies to implement company-wide.

There are a number of prerequisites that you need to be aware of before you register for AVEVA Experience. These requirements are generally met within home networks but could be more challenging in a corporate environment. There may be other specific requirements, depending on the module you are taking; further details are available once you have registered.

  • A firm understanding of AVEVA PDMS is required, as this is difference training between AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) 
  • A 3–5Mbs bandwidth dedicated to this connection (7–10Mbs Internet network connection recommended to support your other network traffic) 
  • A normal desktop, laptop or laptop/tablet hybrid machine (incl. 3-click mouse) running on Windows 7+ Operating System 
  • The videos in the training modules are streamed through Vimeo and therefore you will need to be able to access Vimeo in order to benefit fully from the training  
  • User must have installation privileges 

Other Network Requirements: 

  • No support for streaming filtering 
  • No support for proxy server routing 
  • Firewall must allow traffic through TCP port 80 
  • Firewall must allow traffic through UDP ports 9070 to 9097

AVEVA Experience Is NOT For Production Use

AVEVA Experience provides on-demand access to AVEVA solutions, such as AVEVA E3D, entirely within a closed system. No extraction of the data model is possible and no deliverable production is possible. The terms of service clearly prohibit any production use; self-training is the sole approved use of the service.

Warranty Of Training Outcome

AVEVA does not and cannot warrant the outcome and benefit to the end-user of the AVEVA Experience self-training service. As with any self-training service, the benefit to the end-user is determined by the end-user.

IT Network Security

The service streams video from Vimeo and uses Amazon Web Services AppStream technology. Some IT network security protocols may block either or both of these. End-users of AVEVA Experience should be aware of this possibility, and that they may not be able to use AVEVA Experience from within their corporate IT network.


AVEVA Experience is only available in English.


AVEVA Experience provides end-users with guidance and support documentation located in the site and there is no additional support provided by AVEVA.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

The Login page on AVEVA Experience, has a 'forgot password' function – CLICK HERE

How do I know if my registration is successful?

On registration you will immediately receive an automated email confirming that your registration is being reviewed, so please ensure that is in your approved senders’ list. Once your registration has been processed you will receive a further email confirming the next steps. 

If I have used all my 20 hours ’AVEVA E3D in the Cloud‘ training access, can I apply for more?

Twenty hours of training access is more than enough to complete the AVEVA E3D training modules.  If at the end of your free twenty-hour allocation you would like to continue with further AVEVA E3D training, or for more information on how to benefit from AVEVA E3D on your projects, please contact us at: [email protected] 

I have a question about the training, who do I go to for support?

AVEVA Experience is a self-training environment where an integral part of the training is for you to experience how easy it is to use AVEVA technology with minimum support and hand-holding.  We have already done all the set-up and administration work for you, so all you have to do is work through the training text, training videos and training exercises in the on-demand instance of AVEVA E3D.  If however during the course of the training you do encounter any issues that are not answered in the FAQs on the home page of AVEVA Experience, please contact us at: [email protected] (Please submit your enquiry in English.)

Please take a few minutes to read the Terms of Use for AVEVA Experience, this document covers a number of important clauses including:

  • AVEVA’s and your responsibilities
  • intellectual property
  • various disclaimers

CLICK HERE to read the Terms of Use

You will be required to accept this as part of the registration process.


If you are interested in production licensing of AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) and would like to request a sales call or demonstration please get in touch with us.
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AVEVA has sales, support and development offices around the world.