Solutions for the Marine Industries

AVEVA's Integrated Shipbuilding strategy brings together the wide range of shipbuilding disciplines into a single collaborative environment.

Built around AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach, an integrated shipbuilding solution ensures that each shipyard function has the right information, materials and resources, when it needs them, to minimise project costs and delivery times and maximise overall productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.

AVEVA's solution for the shipbuilding and offshore industry integrates planning, logistics, materials and production with design and engineering. It is a comprehensive range of the most advanced productivity software and enterprise solutions created specifically for the shipbuilding industry. These are specialised tools that embody specific shipbuilding expertise, not customisations of general-purpose manufacturing solutions.

This powerful combination of advanced, self-integrating applications not only increases a shipyard's efficiency but also extends its technical and collaborative capabilities.

Underpinning the AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding strategy is the ability to provide timely, accessible and validated information across all management and design activities. AVEVA’s focus on information helps the management team to make accurate and timely decisions that can save a shipyard hundreds of thousands of dollars through improved operational efficiency.

The AVEVA solution:

  • Provides configurable management dashboards with automated alerts
  • Integrates engineering and design with planning and production
  • Supports close collaboration with global external contractors
  • Enables decision makers to monitor and measure project and information status

A well-executed shipbuilding project relies on effective planning and control, fully synchronised with production. In addition to its ability to generate design deliverables, the comprehensive 3D model at the core of an AVEVA Marine project supports accurate parts production optimised for the yard's particular facilities, accurate and complete workshop documentation and coordinated assembly. All these help to avoid resource conflicts and costly manufacturing rework.

The AVEVA solution:

  • Provides an Earned Value Management System to measure project performance
  • Enables reliable and consistent planning that is efficient and cost-effective
  • Provides 3D visualisation for simpler and more accurate planning
  • Produces early, accurate Material Take Off to eliminate waste and project delays

AVEVA solutions enable consistent and comprehensive project cost management, from early estimation and pre-calculation through future projects and programme cost management, in a real-time environment. Stock administration integrates seamlessly with procurement and planning, to ensure that the right materials are directed to production in the right quantity at the right time, in accordance with the real-time production schedule.

The AVEVA solution:

  • Enables intelligent reuse of historical information for rapid, accurate and competitive tenders
  • Matches resources to work orders for more efficient materials allocation
  • Integrates planning with procurement, production and delivery
  • Links procurement decision-making directly with design and production


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