AVEVA Global™

    The proven 24 hour multi-location design management system

    AVEVA Global is a proven software solution for managing multi-site collaborative engineering projects of unlimited scale. It enables the rapid setup and easy reconfiguration of fault-tolerant global resource networks for 24/7 project execution in both the plant and shipbuilding industries.

    Fast project setup

    • Multi-site projects of any size or scope can be quickly and easily configured, using standard communication protocols across public or private networks.


    • Work locations, distribution and access permissions can be changed in response to changes in priority, scope or workload. Even the central administration location can be moved easily during the project.

    Robust communications

    • Use of low-bandwidth technology, network fault tolerance, and secure communications across public networks minimise costs and work interruption.

    Less administration

    • Eliminates need for ftp sites.

    Secure control of data

    • Controlled approval and automatic transmission of design changes prevent the spread of errors.
    • Robust database protection capabilities enable project managers to secure critical data, such as catalogues, from unauthorised copying.

    Safe off-line working

    • Fail-safe checks, robust recovery, and status information ensure that work can continue without network connection. When the connection resumes, data synchronisation takes place automatically.

    Worldwide, many hundreds of projects have relied on AVEVA Global for on-time, on-budget completion. As the boundaries between plant and marine engineering begin to disappear, AVEVA Global is the key to delivering global, multi-discipline engineering projects.

    Reduced engineering cost

    • Allocate work to the most cost-effective locations.
    • Concurrent 3D design resolves issues quickly and cheaply

    Reduced risk

    • Control access to project, design and proprietary information
    • Manage workflow and information status across all participants
    • Maintain project data integrity
    • Protect proprietary intellectual property

    Expanded capabilities

    • Tender for projects across a global marketplace
    • Efficiently execute large, complex projects
    • Work concurrently with other offices, subcontractors, vendors and partners

    Increased contractual flexibility

    • Accommodate local content requirements on multinational projects
    • Manage project access by contractual boundaries

    Large project resource pool

    • Use capacity wherever and whenever it exists.

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