AVEVA Laser Model Interface™

    Bringing the real world into AVEVA Plant or AVEVA Marine

    Designed into the very heart of AVEVA’s 3D design solution, AVEVA Laser Model Interface fuses datacentric 3D design with high-definition laser scanned surveys of the real world. Brownfield plant projects, ship refits and conversions such as FPSOs have, until recently, relied on error-prone manual surveys; not always easy and, in many locations, hazardous to perform. All this has changed with the integration of sophisticated laser surveying technology with 3D design software.

    With AVEVA Laser Model Interface you can:

    • Capture an asset’s as-built configuration into the AVEVA 3D design environment, quickly, accurately and economically.
    • Accurately measure discrepancies between as-designed and as-built models.
    • Reverse-engineer selected elements into fully intelligent 3D models.
    • Accurately position and clash check new 3D design in situ within an existing installation.
    • Reduce or eliminate the need for costly on-site welding, through more accurate prefabrication.
    • Communicate design intent; check installation compatibility.
    • Position a plant model in an accurately surveyed model of its planned site.
    • Verify compatibility of modules prefabricated at different locations, before shipment to site.
    • Exploit laser models with other AVEVA tools, such as AVEVA Global for collaborative multi-site working, or AVEVA Clash Manager for better design quality.

    AVEVA Laser Model Interface’s open interface means users can select a laser scanning system best suited to their needs. It currently supports systems from:

    • Z+F
    • Quantapoint
    • Leica Geosystems HDS
    • Trimble Dimensions
    • Riegl

    What’s more, laser-scan data from different systems can be handled simultaneously. This is ideal for global, multi-site projects, which may use more than one scanning system.

    AVEVA Laser Model Interface will not only transform the execution of upgrades, refits and conversion projects, it also enables the capture of as-built design for plant or ship operations management.

    Quicker projects

    • Site survey times can be halved and intermediate remodelling eliminated, reducing overall design time by up to 10%.

    Higher project quality

    • Accurate, high-definition surveying allows 'right first time' design and less rework.

    Less commercial risk

    • The most demanding marine conversions can be tackled with maximum confidence in the as-built model.

    Less cost, less downtime

    • Laser surveys are inexpensive
    • Accurate design can eliminate onsite fabrication and minimise installation cost and down time.

    More safety

    • Hazardous locations can be surveyed safely and quickly. Site working risks are minimised.

    AVEVA Laser Model Interface works with all the leading laser scanning systems, including:

    • Z+F
    • Quantapoint
    • Leica Geosystems
    • Trimble Dimensions
    • Riegl
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    For more information, download our product literature:

    For an impartial overview of the benefits of laser scanning, we recommend:

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    AVEVA Laser Model Interface brochure

    AVEVA Laser Model Interface is one of a growing range of AVEVA applications which enable engineering contractors and plant operators to exploit the power of laser surveying.

    The matrix opposite shows their areas of application and requirements.

    To learn more about how these exciting technologies can add value to your business:

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