AVEVA Review™

    3D model visualisation for plant or ship design, construction and operation

    Detailed, easy to navigate 3D models of complex plant and ship designs have transformed the entire project life cycle. From initial tendering through design, construction, commissioning and operation, to see is to understand.

    Taking data from a range of 3D design systems, AVEVA Review delivers a ‘virtual reality’ view of a plant or ship which users from all disciplines can freely navigate to view areas of interest, communicate ideas or undertake reviews. It uses standard enterprise communications and does not need the original 3D design software.

    Realistic, interactive graphics

    • Combines an easy-to-use interface with high performance model rendering, including lighting, textures, scenic backdrops, fog and real-time shadows.
    • Supports export colour and translucency rules.
    • Visualises insulation and obstruction volumes

    Effective viewing

    • Multiple camera modes, stereo and keyplan display control provide a deep understanding from the displays.

    Realistic animation

    • Create walk-through presentations, simulate object motions and check interference between moving objects

    Powerful model handling

    • Data streaming enables interactive visualisation of models of unlimited size or complexity.
    • Automatically convert and stream RVM, RVZ, ZGL, STEP, IGES and SAT model files
    • Combine streamed and non-streamed models into a single composite view.
    • Scale, position and orientate streamed models
    • Save composite model as a single RVZ file
    • Capture composite views for AVEVA ReviewShare collaboration

    Model interrogation

    • Instant access to model data
    • Make measurements on the displayed model.

    Laser model viewing

    • Import laser-scanned models (using vendor add-ins) alongside the AVEVA Review model and perform measurements between the two.

    Direct connection to the 3D project model

    • Browse the design hierarchy, load geometry directly and view object attributes.

    3D export

    • Export the AVEVA Review model to Acrobat 3D PDF and Autodesk DWF document formats, ensuring that the output accurately represents the 3D content as displayed, including colours, textures and view position/direction.

    Global communications support

    • Carry out project reviews across multiple sites.

    Scalable visualisation

    • From laptop to wide-screen reality centres.

    AVEVA ReviewShare support

    • Extend the power of AVEVA Review with interactive 3D design communication to project participants anywhere with an internet connection.

    Save time and cost

    • Improve project efficiency by using Review to assess the content and progress of the developing design.
    • Improve planning for fabrication, construction and commissioning.
    • Incorporate laser-scanned as-built surveys for modification or refit projects.

    Better tendering

    • Improve the quality and attractiveness of project proposals by using Review to present the conceptual or bidding model.

    Improve operations

    • Use AVEVA Review for workforce training, and safety and operability reviews.
    • Perform animated simulations of critical procedures.


    Photo-realistic visualisations of complex project models enable effective design review and presentation to external stakeholders.



    AVEVA Review 12.1 now features native 64-bit support for even higher performance with even bigger models.

    • Support for multi-gigabyte models
    • High performance rendering, manipulation and animation
    • Windows 7 64-bit support

    Windows 7 logo



    ...as well as:

    • Enhanced model streaming
    • Extended API for increased customisation
    • Wavefront export by default - no additional license required

     ...the speed of model loading was remarkable compared to previous AVEVA Review versions and met our expectations and requirements.


     That's incredible! I want a 64-bit workstation!


    For more information, download our product literature:

    AVEVA Review brochure