AVEVA Enterprise Resource Managementâ„¢

    An advanced ERM solution for the entire engineering project management and execution process

    The AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management product family combines proven capabilities for the Plant and Marine industries into the definitive, integrated ERM solution for capital engineering projects.

    • Advanced, intuitive graphical user interface for maximum productivity
    • Integrated information - view information from other modules, other AVEVA applications, and other systems
    • Flexibility - select grid or single record views according to need.
    • Information accessibility - group, sort and filter information for the task in hand
    • User configurable - use the default layout or create multiple individual layout styles according to need or preference
    • Modular solution - easy to deploy, extend and maintain

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    AVEVA Planning supports the assignment of all critical resource requirements and provides a clear overview of the entire project. It enables users to make decisions and act on the basis of up-to-date plans. It closes the planning, control and feedback loop, even across multiple projects.

    Key features:

    • Graphic, interactive rough-cut planning and scheduling, including resource levelling
    • Creation and management of work packages
    • 3D model integration, validating construction plans through time-based simulations
    • Earned Value management
    • Material requirements and availability indicators
    • Colour-coded 3D model vies for project or work package status reporting

    AVEVA Catalogue Manager is a dedicated, application-agnostic product which can be used at enterprise, regional or project level to create and maintain control of bulk material catalogue and specification data. It enables consistency of component data across consuming systems, including Engineering, Design, Materials Management and Procurement. It works in conjunction with a customer’s preferred 3D design and resource management systems, whether AVEVA's or from third parties.

    Key Features

    • Consistent, accurate component coding
    • Highly configurable catalogue structure
    • Rapid specification generation
    • 3D design integration, for consistency between Design and Materials Management
    • Strict governance of catalogue datasets and naming/numbering rules
    • Integrates with a wide range of 3D design, materials management and procurement systems

    AVEVA Material enables the creation and refinement of all basic data, such as design/engineering, drawings, materials, equipment, Bills of Materials, procurement, expediting/logistics, and stock and warehouse management.

    Key Features:

    • Detailed material requirement analysis, including steel requirements
    • Catalogues for handling both project-specific and standard materials items
    • Procurement scheduling for long-lead items
    • Material expediting, managing deliveries and receipt on site 
    • Reporting and data extraction for detailed analysis
    • Special functions for handling the highly specialised Marine outfitting process

    AVEVA Production is a comprehensive tool for the detailed planning, monitoring and control of the entire lifecycle of shop and work orders - from their creation, scheduling and release, through the issuing, reserving and picking of materials, to reporting operations.

    It takes the work packages created in AVEVA Planning and breaks them down into controllable items.

    Key features:

    • Work preparation and detailed construction planning
    • Work execution support
    • 3D model integration for simplified kitting and time-based simulations of work packages
    • Accurate reporting of progress and estimates to completion, utilising colour-coded model views
    • Definition of precise material requirements and materials issuing
    • Special functions for storing prefabricates, such as pipe spools, doors, hatches and ladders
    • Dedicated functions for quality management and control

    AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management has been created by integrating two best-in-breed ERM solutions - AVEVA MARS, optimised for the Marine industry, and AVEVA VPRM, a proven solution for the Plant industry.

    By bringing the best features of both together on robust and extensible technology, and integrating extensive and powerful functions behind an intuitive and advanced graphical user interface, the AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management product family offers high productivity and a secure long-term business investment.

    Its stand-alone products enable progressive deployment, with measurable ROI at every step and maximum business benefit when fully integrated. As a complete solution, it enables efficient planning and execution through every stage of a marine or plant project, optimum management of multiple projects and significant competitive advantage.

    AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management helps to ensure that:

    • The right materials are delivered to the right place, at the right time
    • The right documents are issued at the right time, to the right person
    • Progress and costs are accurately monitored
    • Management decisions are based on reliable, up-to-date information
    • Coherent historical data is available for more accurate bidding for new projects
    • Accurate and detailed data can be extracted for management reporting

    With AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management:

    • Marine customers can better manage materials on plant-style projects
    • Plant customers will gain new, integrated capabilities in construction planning and site materials control.
    • In both industries, customers will benefit from globally accessible multi-project capability with effective single-project control

    Lower material costs

    • Buy the right materials at the right price
    • Minimise stockholding, waste and surpluses

    Lower production costs

    • More efficient, integrated working processes
    • Optimised resource use and materials availability

    Shorter timescales

    • Predict and prevent problems and bottlenecks
    • Plan more efficient work schedules
    • Avoid delays through materials shortages

    Increased project quality

    • Improved data quality, availability and visibility
    • Common, structured data management

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