AVEVA takes great pride in its history and the values it stands for. It believes that its technology should support and enhance industry's capabilities, not impose unnecessary changes on established working practices. At all times, AVEVA extends the boundaries of what technology can help to achieve, without losing sight of the fundamentals of good engineering, or the importance of its customers' data.

This philosophy has underpinned AVEVA's impressively solid growth. By continuing to invest in its technology today, AVEVA guarantees the success of its customers for the future.

AVEVA's unrivalled experience and knowledge of the industries it serves has allowed it to innovate in a way that exploits new technologies for its products, whilst protecting its customers' investment in their data and legacy applications.

Put simply, AVEVA provides the ability to embrace the evolution of intelligent technology without disruption. We call it continual progression.

AVEVA Company Brochure

AVEVA Company BrochureAVEVA's history, achievements, and why the world's plant, power, oil & gas and marine industries rely on AVEVA's software solutions.

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