AVEVA Solutions for the Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries

AVEVA's marine engineering solution is the result of integrating the world’s best shipbuilding and plant engineering software.  Its naval architecture and hull design capabilities have been developed over more than 30 years in partnership with many of the world's leading shipbuilders.

AVEVA’s plant engineering solutions have added uniquely powerful functions for outfitting design, equipment integration and global collaborative shipbuilding. These capabilities make AVEVA Marine the most efficient software for the design of every type of ship, from small support vessels to complex cruise ships and FPSOs or massive LNG tankers.

Key Benefits:

AVEVA Marine is the most complete engineering and design solution set available for the marine industries. It is the result of combining the leading specialist shipbuilding solution with powerful tools originally developed for the plant industries. This provides a unique level of technology integration, enabling effective collaboration with plant industry specialists on the most complex vessels or offshore projects.

AVEVA Enterprise adds specialist shipyard resource management capabilities enabling the most efficient and integrated shipbuilding process, from initial concept to final handover.

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Maximum capability

  • Efficient design and construction of every type and size of vessel
  • Enables highly competitive tendering
  • Supports efficient, low-risk ship conversion and refit projects
  • Supports international, national, shipyard or client-specific design standards and working practices

Maximum productivity

  • Easy design reuse
  • Enables highly concurrent working
  • The most efficient and intelligent ship design tools available
  • The most efficient parts manufacturing and ship construction software available
  • Extensive, fully detailed production documentation
  • Enables error-free, production-friendly design
  • Maximum efficiency in shipyard facilities
  • Minimum ship delivery time

Efficient communication and collaboration

  • Supports highly collaborative ‘global virtual shipyard’ projects
  • Effective design communication with the client
  • Facilitates Digital Classification approval
  • Accelerated handover and commissioning

Extensive resource pool

  • Readily available skilled professionals
  • Widest possible choice of subcontractors and partners

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Naval procurement agencies face considerable technical and programme management challenges while still being expected to minimise original and through-life costs of warships. AVEVA Marine provides a comprehensive range of solutions to meet these challenges.

Reduces cost of new warships

  • Efficient design development of the most complex vessels
  • Flexibility to accommodate late specification changes
  • Status management closes the loop to programme management

Efficient refitting and life extension

  • Capture as-operating design status quickly, cheaply and accurately
  • Convert legacy CAD design into AVEVA Marine

Widens choice of refit, repair or conversion yards

  • Widespread use of AVEVA Marine offers flexibility of work allocation

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