AVEVA Solutions for Mining and Minerals Processing

As minerals extraction and processing projects have progressively increased in scale and complexity, so too has the need for more powerful engineering and design software. Today, not only are AVEVA’s 3D design solutions used to create the most advanced minerals processing facilities, they are also used on desalination, water and wastewater treatment plants around the world.

See the benefits for:

Maximum capability

  • Unlimited project scale and complexity
  • Handle complex site topography

Maximum productivity

  • Minimum cost
  • Minimum timescale
  • Maximum project quality
  • Easy design reuse

Communication and collaboration

  • Concurrent  multi-site, multi-discipline working
  • Effective design communication to project stakeholders
  • Plan and simulate construction and operations processes

Extensive resource pool

  • Readily available skilled professionals
  • Wide choice of subcontractors
  • Interoperable, standards-compliant software


Go to AVEVA Plant for integrated engineering and design software
Go to AVEVA Enterprise for project information management software

Rapid return on investment

  • Efficient, phased handover
  • Rapid commissioning

Wide choice of engineering resources

  • Subcontract upgrade projects with confidence

Operations Information Integrity

  • Comprehensive information access and management for operations support
  • Efficient maintenance planning and execution
  • Effective plant optimisation and improvement
  • Effective compliance monitoring
  • Minimum planned downtime


Go to AVEVA Enterprise for more about our asset lifecycle management software.

EPC = Engineering Procurement & Construction

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