New AVEVA Electrical offers Plant market up to 30% man-hour savings

19 April 2012

Open interface supports use with customers’ existing systems or as part of AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design approach

Cambridge, UK: AVEVA today announced the release of the completely new AVEVA Electrical software application, a feature-rich design solution for electrical engineers and designers in the plant environment. Pre-release customer testing has demonstrated man-hour savings of up to 30% when compared to traditional design applications. It is quick and easy to deploy and has a very open interface, allowing it to be used with design applications from other vendors, or as part of AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design approach.

'Electrical & Instrumentation represents 60% of the maintainable items on a plant facility and the data is accessed by operations and maintenance more often than other disciplines,' said Bruce Douglas, Senior VP Marketing & Product Strategy, AVEVA. 'AVEVA Electrical can be used both on new projects and also on brownfield activities where the integration of legacy data is critical. We have worked with numerous customers to ensure that AVEVA Electrical does exactly what they need from design to plant operations. Because of its advanced graphical user interface and sophisticated design rules, we believe that AVEVA Electrical will quickly become the preferred choice for all sizes of plant projects.'

'The open nature of AVEVA Electrical means it can interface with both AVEVA and third-party design, document management and material control systems', added Dave Wheeldon, Chief Technology Officer, AVEVA. 'As part of our Integrated Engineering & Design approach, this product enables electrical engineers to collaborate fully across inter-discipline design anywhere in the world. The automated deliverables generated by AVEVA Electrical are completely consistent and accurate, which can dramatically improve productivity and shorten ROI.'

To learn more, visit www.aveva.com/aveva_electrical


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