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AVEVA provides a comprehensive range of solutions for engineering businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can benefit immediately from our stand-alone software products, putting them on a secure foundation for growth. Large businesses can be supplied with powerful enterprise-level solutions which integrate a wide variety of applications (AVEVA or third-party), information resources and workflows.

The AVEVA Solution combines two uniquely powerful concepts, object-centric technology and an information-centric Digital Information Hub. These support our integrated solutions for both the plant and marine industries and can form a complete technology environment for engineering projects of unlimited size and complexity.

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AVEVA's unique object-centred technology uses 'objects' to represent real-world elements, such as valves, pumps or pipes. Each object can have many layers of data associated with it; 2D schematic data, 3D model data, properties, connectivity, documentation and so on.

Key Features:

  • Genuinely 'future-neutral' - technology developments add more ways to exploit your investment in design data, they do not render it obsolete
  • Provides the most intuitive, productive and robust environment for engineering & design
  • Inherently supports workflow and project life cycle management functions

Key Benefits:

  • Improved project life cycle management
  • Earlier and more extensive information sharing across disciplines and business operations
  • Streamlined engineering and design workflow
  • Better project control and business efficiency
  • Easier reuse of design assets

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AVEVA's information-centric technology strategy integrates all types of information - engineering & design, analysis, and business operations - from all sources, into a single, dependable source of project and asset information.

The Digital Asset approach puts information, not applications or technology, at the centre of the increasingly complex engineering environment. Both in project execution and asset operations it gives businesses reliable and complete information, when they need it, to make effective decisions and maximise performance.

Key Features:

  • Open, ISO 15926-compliant architecture
  • Intuitive, user-friendly environment for collaboration, search, visualisation and contextualisation
  • Validates, manages and shares all types of information, in context, across the enterprise

Key Benefits:

  • Quality – Reduce rework caused by inaccurate or incomplete information
  • Validation – Identify and resolve information inconsistencies and gaps
  • Risk – Mitigate operational and safety risks through improved decision support
  • Time – Shorten project schedules, handover and production startup
  • Cost – Cut the costs of design, construction, operations and downtime

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