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Solutions for the Plant Industries

Solutions for the process plant and power industries

AVEVA offers a comprehensive range of productivity software and enterprise solutions for both Engineering Contractors (EPCs) and plant Owner Operators (OOs). Common to all is the ability to share and control information integrated within the Digital Asset. 

By being information-centric, AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach delivers compelling business benefits to the process plant and power industries. It improves the quality and accessibility of critical information, enabling both Engineering Contractors and Owner Operators to make more accurate and timely decisions, compressing schedules, cutting cost and reducing risk.

Integrated Project Execution (IPE)

Reduce time, cost and risk through: 

  • Closer collaboration with Owner Operators
  • Improved planning and project control 
  • The industry's most productive engineering and design tools
  • Effective information management and workflow
  • Efficient data and document management
  • Efficient Construction Management
  • Accelerated and improved project handover

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Operations Integrity Management (OIM)

Reduce time, cost and risk through:

  • Closer collaboration with the engineering contractors
  • Progressive handover of error-free information as it matures 
  • Efficient commissioning and operational readiness
  • Improved maintenance and operational control
  • Effective data and document management
  • Improved OSHA/HSE and regulatory compliance

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The Future of Plant Design

The Future of Plant Design

Find out more about AVEVA’s vision

The Future of Plant Design

Customer success

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