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Software for Plant Engineering and Design

AVEVA's self-integrating software for plant engineering and design uses powerful object-centric technology and is the most productive engineering and design software solution available for the power and process plant industries.

A full range of applications:

Best-in-class solutions

A portfolio of solutions that includes the world-leading AVEVA Everything3D™ and AVEVA PDMS™ supports all plant engineering & design disciplines, through every phase of project execution.

Integrated Engineering and 3D Design

Ensures information integrity and provides powerful Change Highlighting and Compare & Update functions for robust version control as the design progresses

Flexible deployment and use

Choice of authoring tools for P&ID and process engineering, and extensive system configurability support your established working methods

No limits

AVEVA's solutions support unlimited project complexity and highly concurrent, multi-discipline working while AVEVA Global is the most powerful and flexible solution available for collaborative multi-site project execution.

Design visualisation & communication

Visualisation and communication applications enable all members of the project team to understand and visualise even the largest of projects

Grows with your business

From a single stand-alone productivity application to enterprise-wide integration with Information Management, AVEVA solutions support every size of business.

Create schematics and engineering deliverables


AVEVA Engineering AVEVA Engineer

Manage the evolving multi-discipline engineering data for tagged items such as lines and equipment

AVEVA Electrical

A feature-rich software suite for electrical engineering and design.

AVEVA Diagrams

Software for the easy creation of P&IDs, piping and HVAC diagrams that integrate with 3D design.

AVEVA Instrumentation

The best-in-class application for Instrumentation and Control systems engineering, design, documentation and management.


A P&ID drafting program, using the familiar AutoCAD drafting system, for creating intelligent, project-wide data as the P&ID is designed.

AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator

An integration application that provides data consistency between schematic diagrams and the 3D model. It can be used to build the 3D model from schematic data, or to associate and compare an existing 3D model with a schematic.

3D layout, design and construction deliverables

 AVEVA - Design

AVEVA Everything3D™ 

AVEVA E3D™ is a next-generation 3D plant design solution that takes the plant industry to a new level of capability, reducing cost, timescale and project risk on projects of all sizes.


AVEVA PDMS is a powerful and productive 3D plant design software that supports all sizes of plant project, from the smallest upgrade to newbuild installations of unlimited complexity. It offers valuable collaboration opportunities.

AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface™

A STEP AP203-compliant, bi-directional interface for the efficient exchange of 3D CAD models between AVEVA Outfitting and leading 3D MCAD systems.

AVEVA Multi-Discipline Supports™

A highly productive application for fully designing all kinds of pipe, duct and cable tray supports, from a complicated framework to a simple u-bolt.

AVEVA Bocad Steel™

Powerful structural detailing software for efficient steelwork design and fabrication. Can be extended with AVEVA Bocad Onshore™ and AVEVA Bocad Offshore™ to serve the specialist needs of these industry sectors.

AVEVA Bocad Offshore™

An add-on pack for AVEVA Bocad Steel, providing a range of predefined design elements for the specialist needs of this important industry sector.

AVEVA Bocad Onshore™

An add-on pack for AVEVA Bocad Steel, providing a range of predefined design elements for typical onshore plant projects.

AVEVA Bocad Tower™

Powerful structural detailing software for efficient design and fabrication of a wide variety of tower types.

AVEVA Bocad Roof and Wall™

Structural detailing software for efficient building design and fabrication.


Powerful production engineering software for efficient structural steelwork fabrication

AVEVA Cable Design™

An application that streamlines the entire cable design process, including their routing in cableways and through penetrations. It includes comprehensive electrical catalogues, runs in the AVEVA 3D design environment and creates cable schedules with routes, cutting lists and material take off.

AVEVA Concrete Building Design™

Specialist software for designing concrete structures in the Process Plant Industries.

AVEVA Laser Modeller™ 

Turn 3D laser scan surveys into intelligent plant models

AVEVA Laser Model Interface™

Fuses datacentric 3D design with high-definition laser-scanned surveys of as-operating vessels. This interface enables ship refits and conversions such as FPSOs to be undertaken with confidence, using the measurement, modelling tools and clash management functions of AVEVA Marine.

AVEVA Pipe Stress Interface™

This saves time and effort by automating the two-way exchange of information with the CAESAR II pipe stress system. Piping designers and stress engineers can exchange design and stress information seamlessly, to eliminate data re-entry and duplication.

AVEVA Room Manager™

A specialist add-on for AVEVA PDMS, for managing Process Plant design by Room, Volume or Area.

Global work share, clash management and review


AVEVA Clash Manager™  AVEVA EDM Graphic - Manage

AVEVA Clash Manager is a unique solution that brings powerful management tools to the resolution and approval of clashes.

AVEVA E3D Insight™

The first Windows 8.1 app that enables authorised users on the move to visualise, inspect, comment and approve an AVEVA E3D design, anywhere, anytime.

AVEVA Global™

AVEVA Global allows users at multiple sites to work together online on the same project. It controls the release of data to each site and ensures that all sites and users have access to the latest approved data, right down to attribute detail. Global operates across low bandwidths and is tolerant of communication faults.

AVEVA Review™ 

A powerful 3D visualisation tool for large, complex plant models. With features such as walk-through, animation, and high-quality photo-realistic images, Review lets you analyse designs and communicate complex ideas.

AVEVA ReviewShare™

This brings together 3D design review, mark-up and collaboration using 3D models, embedded screenshots, document views and hyperlinks, into one application. ReviewShare works with a large number of 3D data formats, with server-based streaming technology or desktop model files.

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The Future of Plant Design

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The Future of Plant Design

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