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With over four decades of experience in delivering the most advanced engineering and design software, and extensive expertise in both the Marine and Plant industries, AVEVA is the natural choice for enterprise-level solutions that meet the engineering industries' most challenging information management needs.

These solutions combine the most advanced software applications with the in-depth expertise of our implementation consultants to deliver outstanding return on your investment.

Domain Expertise...

Customers trust AVEVA because we not only understand software, we understand their industries. Not only do our front-line staff have engineering industry experience, so too do most of our technologists. So our products meet real engineering needs and our consultants understand your business needs.

+ A proven track record...

AVEVA solutions have been consistently delivering best-in-class performance and outstanding ROI for decades.

= Measurable Business Benefits

Our customers frequently achieve business benefits that exceed even our own expectations:

  • Single point access to 98% of engineering data
  • $7m annual savings, 84% ROI, 90% reduction in handover costs
  • 60-80% reduction in man-hours searching for information
  • Asset life extended by 1 year+ ($100m NPV)

Read about some of our customer successes in the Case Studies section, or in AVEVA World Magazine.

For technology insights and independent reviews, go to the Business Papers section or download any of the papers below:


Customer success

AVEVA World Magazine 2014 #2-p32How Daewoo E&C is making AVEVA NET the foundation of its Information Integration facility.

'The current data validation process...has already achieved excellent results in data quality. We plan to extend the system's scope by exchanging data also between our engineering systems.'

AVEVA World Magazine 2014 #2

Read a Case Study

Pipeline2010 #2 p8

Independent reviews have confirmed the benefits that AVEVA NET technology can bring to the oil & gas industry. Read this overview and then download the ARC White Paper.

Pipeline 2010 Issue 2 e-book