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AVEVA Data and Documents™

Consistent management of enterprise information for increased productivity and reduced risk

AVEVA Data and Documents builds on AVEVA NET's single source of trusted data to achieve operational efficiency gains and man-hour savings through process-driven management of data and documents across projects and operational assets.

  • Consistent management of data items and document records in a single, intuitive web application
  • Class library-driven interface
  • Naming and numbering rules for IDs and Revisions
  • Configurable relationship types for relating documents and data items
  • Support for renditions and mark-ups
  • Management of file renditions and associations established by the Gateways on file upload
  • Support for creating, editing, issuing, acknowledging receipt of transmittals, and tracking responses to them
  • Low cost of entry for review and approval workflows
  • Configurable distribution matrix
  • Built-in business logic around status transitions
  • Simple bulk-editing capabilities
  • Dashboard pages to summarise salient information for the user
  • Direct integration with AVEVA NET Portal for navigation, visualisation, collaboration and reporting

Increased operational efficiencies

Process-driven management of all types of data and documents saves time and effort, reduces errors and enables effective decision making.

Easier access to information

Disparate project data can be consolidated in a single location and shared across your entire enterprise.

Improved communications

The right information, to the right people, at the right time - right across your projects and supply chains.

Reduced Project Risk

Improved visibility of the scope and impact of concurrent changes reduces the risk of costly rework.

Improved data quality

Data validation against stringent information standards minimises errors and reduces the costs and delays of rework.

Rapid ROI

Intuitive to use, AVEVA Data and Documents is quick and easy to deploy, requires minimal user training and delivers measurable business benefits quickly.

AVEVA Data and Documents enables Owner Operators, EPCs and shipyards to take control of their information, by centralising and managing data and documents. The solution delivers an intuitive web user interface to address the challenges of managing documents and data, ensuring consistency and adherence to the specified data standards of the enterprise.

Alongside its document control capabilities, AVEVA Data and Documents provides additional intelligence through integration with the AVEVA NET Gateways. On uploading a file, the system is able to automatically produce neutral, web-accessible, renditions and build intelligent associations between the referenced data items and documents contained within the file.

AVEVA Data and Documents also provides tools to manage the processes of document distribution, including review and approval, providing a consistent method and record of distribution and the resulting responses. Using standard Microsoft Office™ technology, the solution has inbuilt capabilities to automatically generate transmittals using a configurable distribution matrix, and to notify recipients of pending tasks.

This unique solution provides a powerful means of ensuring that the right people get the right documents at the right time.

The solution supports change alerting, warning users if information they are viewing is affected by an active change. The combination of the change alerting, transmittals, export and import features provides a solution for distributing and tracking changes to data and documents, and enables concurrent engineering to take place in a controlled manner.

The powerful administration tool provides configuration of enterprise standards through class library and reference data administration, building on a default, out-of-the-box reference set. In addition, AVEVA Data and Documents supports flexible definition of numbering rules in order to implement and enforce the use of enterprise-specified standards.

As a part of the AVEVA Enterprise portfolio, optimised for integration with AVEVA NET, all information authored through AVEVA Data and Documents is immediately accessible through the AVEVA NET Portal web user interface, enabling users to navigate, contextualise, share, report and visualise information and documents regardless of file type.

Product Brochure

AVEVA Data and Documents brochure