AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™)

    Plant Design for Lean Construction

    AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) exploits the latest technology innovations in mobile computing, Cloud computing and laser scanning to enable Lean methods in plant project execution. It takes the plant industry to a new level of capability, reducing cost, timescale and project risk on projects of all sizes.

    Multi-discipline 3D plant design

    • The 3D plant design model is created and modified using discipline-specific applications, each optimised for the most efficient modelling in the relevant discipline. 

    Advanced, intuitive 3D graphics

    • Optimised lighting, shadows and edge highlighting increase spatial awareness, making it easier to position objects accurately in the model. 

    Advanced, user-friendly interface

    • The Microsoft Fluent® user interface makes functions easy to find and obvious to use.
    • New users become proficient quickly. Experienced users become more productive.

    Local customisation

    • Easily customise the behaviour of the product to suit your working methods
    • Create automated functions to increase productivity and competitive advantage.

    Parallel running on current projects

    • AVEVA E3D runs in parallel with the latest versions of AVEVA PDMSAVEVA Engineering and AVEVA Diagrams on the same project data.
    • Assure security of your AVEVA data assets.
    • Upgrade your business from PDMS to AVEVA E3D without risk.

    Built-in quality and compliance

    • Built-in design checking functions can be extended and customised for assured design quality
    • Access Control and Status functions ensure correct user access to project information
    • Built-in support for multi-discipline, multi-user, concurrent collaboration

    Laser scanning integrated in modelling

    • Integrating 3D design models with high-definition laser surveys of fabrications, sub-assemblies and on-site construction enables efficient creation of right-first-time design.
    • Ensure compatibility between new design and existing construction.

    Drafting integrated with the model

    • Directly integrated 3D models and drawings enable efficient and accurate drafting, revision, production and regeneration of all deliverable drawings.

    Integrated 3D, engineering and schematic data

    • Direct access to engineering information and P&IDs enables designers to use engineering and schematic information when building the 3D model.
    • Easy comparison of the 3D design model with engineering and schematic data ensures design consistency as the project evolves.

    Collaborate with project partners

    Extensive 2D and 3D geometry interfaces are provided for efficient collaboration with project partners, equipment vendors and subcontractors.

    High performance in large networks

    E3D is optimised to operate efficiently across networks with datacentres or high latency.

    The core design application of AVEVA Plant

    Fully interoperable with all other AVEVA Engineer, Design and Manage products, AVEVA Everything3D™ takes 3D plant design to a new level of capability, productivity and efficiency.

    AVEVA E3D does more things, more easily and more efficiently than any other comparable plant design solution. Once you've experienced the power of this new technology you will realise that plant design has entered a new era.

    The no-risk upgrade

    Upgrading your AVEVA Plant deployment from PDMS to AVEVA E3D is risk-free. All your priceless engineering design data assets are secure - that's part of AVEVA's commitment to its customers. And if you are not already an AVEVA customer, now is the time to make the change, before all your competitors do.

    Closing the gaps for faster project delivery

    Close the gaps in project execution with AVEVA Plant

    AVEVA Everything3D™ shrinks project delivery time by shortening project stages, reducing effort, eliminating errors and rework, and enabling more efficient collaboration.

    AVEVA Everything3D™ is No. 1 for:

    Rapid Project Start-up

    • Set up in days not months
    • Easy, rapid global deployment
    • Reduce time to deliverables

    Increasing Design Efficiency

    • Experience new levels of design capability
    • Achieve design savings of up to 20%


    Easier Compliance

    • Maintain control throughout the design chain
    • Adhere to regulatory, industry, company or project standards more easily
    • Verify compliance with less checking effort

    Eliminating rework

    • Avoid costly construction errors
    • Save money, increase profitability and competitive advantage
    • Reduce project risks and litigation exposure

    NEW! Design in Context

    Design in Context delivers relevant, trusted information from your Digital Asset directly to a designer's fingertips for better, faster decision-making and increased productivity and design quality.

    Once configured to point to your AVEVA NET repository, selecting an object in the schematic activates Design in Context’s ‘Browse’ button. This opens a new side panel that lists all related available documentation in the Digital Asset. An embedded universal viewer presents this information directly inside AVEVA E3D.

    Immediate information access with less disruption lets you focus on the high-value design work.

    Design in Context

    Selecting a tagged object enables a designer to immediately view any available related information, such as a data sheet, to support rapid decision making.

    AVEVA E3D Insight

    A Windows 8.1 app for touch-enabled devices that puts access to live AVEVA E3D design models literally at your fingertips, anywhere in the world.


    • Access high-quality interactive renderings of AVEVA E3D projects


    • Use gesture navigation to examine, check object data and take measurements


    • Add threaded comments to the design model.
    • Full audit trail of design decisions


    • Approve on the move!
    • Eliminate delays and bottlenecks

    More information about AVEVA E3D Insight

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    Visualise, Inspect, Comment and Approve anywhere, anytime

    AVEVA E3D Insight on Microsoft Surface Pro tablet