AVEVA Electrical™

    Electrical engineering, design, documentation and management for the entire project lifecycle

    AVEVA Electrical is a feature-rich software suite for electrical engineering and design. With its advanced graphical user interfaces, use of design rules and catalogues, and maximum workflow flexibility, AVEVA Electrical is the preferred choice for all sizes of plant or marine project.

    AVEVA Electrical comprises three integrated modules which share a common, multi-user SQL Server database for design and as-built data. Select from the drop-down list for information about each module. Go to the Overview tab for more general information.

    This enables equipment data entry/import, Compare and Update, change tracking, and the automated generation of highly customisable single-line diagrams, specifications, reports and documentation. It features a straightforward and flexible spreadsheet-style interface to four key functions:

    Electrical load list

    • Define electrical data (volts, kW, FLC, kVAr, pf, phases) or import using Excel
    • Define load type (such as motor, feeder, distribution board, HVAC, Lighting & Power)
    • Define circuit type (including DOL, FWD/REV, VSD, CB)
    • Define wiring rule (auto-creation of equipment, cables and terminations)

    Supplies list

    • Define design electrical data (volts, kW, FLC, kVAr, pf, phases)
    • Define supply type (MCC, distribution board, switch board, etc.)
    • Assign loads from load list (and MCC module or circuit number)
    • Calculate demand (kW, FLC, kVAr, pf) for normal, standby and essential
    • Any supply can be a load for any other supply


    • Loads: change in any load rolls up through all supplies
    • Cable sizing (volt drop, fault level) by installation method
    • Fuse/CBs sizing, short-circuit/fault current

    Electrical Equipment Datasheets

    • User defined using Excel, for MCCs, distribution boards, motors, UPS, etc.

    This is based on AVEVA Instrumentation’s powerful Wiring Manager module.

    Cable schedules

    • Define From and To cable type
    • Define installation method
    • Cable sizing (including volt drop, fault level) by installation method
    • Cable gland/adapter sizing
    • Auto cable drumming, Bill of Materials Terminations
    • Drag-and-drop by cable or wire
    • Auto wire number inheritance
    • Copy existing equipment (including internal terminals and devices)
    • Termination reports without CAD

    Cable block diagrams

    • Interactive (edit cable, equipment properties and terminations)
    • Add new equipment/cables on the fly

    This is based on AVEVA Instrumentation’s Designer module and features:

    Auto-creation of diagrams in AutoCAD

    • Engineering data updated from load list / supplies list
    • Editable and updatable (not re-created in AutoCAD)
    • Single-line diagrams  based on loads assigned and user-defined circuits
    • Schematic diagrams based on user-defined templates

    Termination diagrams

    • Parametric (auto-drawn) based on Wiring Manager connectivity
    • Ability to create terminations by cable

    Installation details

    • Based on user-defined templates and assigned components
    • Create project BOM

    Whether stand-alone, integrated with AVEVA Instrumentation, or fully integrated with other project applications, AVEVA Electrical is a functionally rich engineering and design solution, both for engineering contractors or shipbuilders and for plant or ship operators in everyday operations.

    When used as part of an integrated AVEVA software deployment, the product adds electrical data into the complete project information model, exposing it to the full range of AVEVA’s design, engineering, collaboration and lifecycle management technologies.

    Sharing the same SQL database as AVEVA Instrumentation enables customers to share and control equipment and connections:

    • AVEVA Instrumentation and AVEVA Electrical can each define terminations on shared equipment objects.
    • E&I engineers and designers can work on the same project and share/control information.

    Use of catalogues and rules enables right-first-time design. Seamless integration with 3D model data – e.g. for cable routing – maximises design accuracy. High quality documentation maximises productivity in operations. Data integrity is ensured by extensive validation processes, automatic cross-referencing and rigorous change control.

    AVEVA Electrical supports multiple languages throughout for ease of deployment and use worldwide. Configuration by users is straightforward, requiring no programming skills. Intuitive use minimises training needs and makes users immediately productive.

    Other important features include:

    • full integration with the AVEVA NET information management solution
    • report comparison and highlighting

    The flexible feeder hierarchy constantly monitors the project loads. Single-line diagrams are instantly created and recreated from this flexible feeder.

    AVEVA Electrical gives the user the ability to create and
    manage electrical engineering data, design data and documentation.

    Compare and Update facility allows the user to perform Excel data interaction while being able to modify and control the information exchange.

    Increased Productivity

    • Quick to learn - easy, fast and accurate to use
    • Easily configured to your working methods
    • Integrates with standard office applications
    • Integrates with PDMS/Outfitting cable routing and AVEVA Instrumentation, saving even more time and effort
    • Easily create and manage engineering data
    • Generate drawings, datasheets, cable schedules and Bills of Materials automatically

    Increased Design Quality

    • ‘Visual engineering’
    • Robust change management
    • Comply with cable sizing standards
    • Graphical cabling design and management
    • Data Compare and Update features

    Rapid Payback

    • Easily and rapidly deployed, on new or existing projects
    • Helps eliminate design errors early to avoid costly rework

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    Customer Quotes

    quote AVEVA Electrical makes it simple to guarantee information across deliverables is accurate everywhere it is used, the intuitively populated database means it’s quick to produce deliverables such as schedules & reports and navigation to relevant datasheets / documents is made easy.

    quote We intend to use AVEVA Electrical on our next project. We have tried 'competitor product' and found it to be very difficult to use.

    quote AVEVA Electrical is really easier to implement than 'competitor product'. We have tried 'competitor product' on several projects but have never been able to start a project as fast and easily as with AVEVA Electrical.

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