AVEVA Product Support

Product Licensing & Support Policies

AVEVA’s software licensing policy seeks to achieve three objectives:

  1. To make it easy to acquire, use and benefit from AVEVA technology
  2. To ensure that licensed users are provided with the highest-quality products and close technical support, enabling them to operate their AVEVA deployments effectively and with confidence
  3. To maximise industry confidence in AVEVA software by preventing its unauthorised use, misuse, modification, copying or distribution, and by identifying and prosecuting distributors and users of unauthorised or counterfeit versions of our software

We implement this policy by:

1. Licensing

AVEVA offers a flexible range of licensing options that may be selected or combined to suit the specific requirements of individual customers. This flexibility allows the software deployment to be tailored to the number of users, project size, duration or location of use and ensures the highest possible return on investment.

2. Product & Customer Support

Registered users effectively become partners with AVEVA, not only benefitting from our normal Product Support service, but also able and encouraged to alert AVEVA to any issues or opportunities for improvement they encounter when using our software. This two-way dialogue between AVEVA and its user community is one reason for the high quality of our products and the confidence our customers place in it.

Needless to say, this close support does not extend to unlicensed users.

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