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    2015 Global Engineering Information Management Solutions Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award

    With its customer centric strategy, global footprint, focus on innovation, vibrant partner ecosystem and integration of its product lines and 3rd party solutions to create and manage client's Digital Assets, AVEVA has differentiated itself from other vendors in this market... Frost & Sullivan


    AVEVA is the proud winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Global Engineering Information Management (EIM) Solutions Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

    The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognise companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as:

    • Leadership
    • Technological innovation
    • Customer service
    • Strategic product development.

    Because of the global, capital-intensive and process-dependent nature of the verticals typically requiring EIM solutions, for vendors in this market, developing both depth and breadth are critical. AVEVA NET offers the market a deep, flexible, configurable and user friendly solution that can work in tandem with other enterprise software multiplying efficiencies.

    In the wider plant engineering tools market, AVEVA leads with its integrated engineering and design solution that provides fast, reliable and easy exchange of information among different engineering disciplines involved in a project. This forms a key component of AVEVA's Digital Asset approach that forms the information core of every project and facility providing trusted information from any source. The interoperability and stability of the AVEVA solution gives it an edge in the market.

    Overall, AVEVA’s competitive differentiation lies in the depth of its EIM solution, the company’s global footprint, vertical diversification, and the manner in which it is addressing the need for usability and integration with the rest of the supply chain.

    Receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Global Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award is a compelling, third-party validation of a company's growth strategy and execution. AVEVA’s Best Practice Award is a very strong indicator to employees, investors, customers, and the public that AVEVA has competitive differentiation and a viable customer centric strategy in the Engineering Information Management Solutions market.

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