AVEVA Instrumentation™

    Instrumentation and Control systems engineering, design, documentation and management software

    AVEVA Instrumentation is a feature-rich suite of Instrumentation and Control engineering software for systems engineering, design and through-life maintenance on all types of ships and industrial plants.

    • AVEVA Instrumentation Engineer

      Instrument Engineer module

    • AVEVA Instrumentation - Designer

      Instrument Designer module

    • AVEVA Instrumentation - Instrument List Report

      A typical Instrument List Report

    • AVEVA Instrumentation - Wiring Manager

      Wiring Manager module

    • AVEVA Instrumentation - Interconnection Diagram

      Interconnection Diagrams can be readily customised

    • AVEVA Instrumentation - Cable Block Diagram

      A Cable Block Diagram

    • AVEVA Instrumentation - Termination Diagram

      A typical Termination Diagram

    • AVEVA Instrumentation - Cable Schedule

      Automatic creation of Cable Schedules

    AVEVA Instrumentation’s four integrated program modules support the entire Instrumentation and Control system lifecycle from engineering and design, through installation, maintenance and modification. Select a module to find out more about it.

    AVEVA Instrumentation features:

    • An advanced graphical user interface
    • Extensive use of design rules and catalogues
    • Maximum workflow flexibility
    • Extensive multiple language support
    • A common multi-user database
    • Assured data integrity
    • Ease of customisation by users
    • Fully customisable report creation, with change highlighting
    • Interfaces to AVEVA NET and document management systems
    • Work Pack creation

    These combine to make it the most productive choice for plant or marine engineering. 

    AVEVA Instrumentation may be integrated with AVEVA Plant or AVEVA Marine, or used as a stand-alone application. Systems design data created by an EPC or shipyard may be easily adopted and maintained by the plant or vessel owner.

    This enables index data entry, change tracking, and the creation and management of documentation. Features include:

    KKS and ECS tagging support

    • Includes pull-down lists of values


    • Document management functions
    • Familiar spreadsheet functions
    • Robust, auditable revision control

    Instrument List

    • Create and maintain list data
    • Data import from Excel and P&IDs

    Instrument calculations

    • Flow Element Sizing
    • Control Valve Sizing
    • Relief Valve Sizing
    • Thermowell Vibrations
    • Gas Compressibility Factor

    Loop List

    • Easy creation and editing of loops
    • Automatic generation of Wiring Manager data
    • Loop Wiring Check reports in pdf format


    • Extensive user-definable report printing and export

    This enables automatic generation and revision of CAD drawings from the database. Features include: 

    Drawing List Management

    • Manual and batch mode functions
    • Add drawings automatically from the Instrument Engineer and Wiring Manager modules
    • Manage drawing revisions
    • Link drawing text fields to database fields

    Loop Diagram Generation

    • User-definable templates
    • Automatic updating from Wiring Manager and Instrument Engineer modules
    • Full revision history

    Termination Diagram Generation

    • Automated drawing creation
    • Automatic updating from Wiring Manager

    Hookup/Installation Drawings

    • Automated, user-definable AutoCAD drawings
    • User-definable catalogue, with over 3000 items
    • BoM reports by area or total project

    Change management

    • Log and report all drawing changes

    A powerful module for detailed cable, wiring and termination design, including Fieldbus. Data can be output as pdf documents, or by drawing creation by the Instrument Designer module. Features include: 

    Equipment functions

    • Graphical representation and manipulation of items
    • Supports DIN rails with multiple devices
    • Rule-based creation of terminations

    Cable functions

    • Creation by catalogue or copying existing cables
    • Cable merge and split functions
    • Automatic cable schedules and gland BoM reports
    • Automatic cable drumming for minimum wastage


    • Drag & Drop wire termination and I/O allocation
    • Automatic, editable Block Diagrams
    • Automatic, rule-based numbering
    • Graphical reports in pdf format


    • Cable Schedules, Cable and Gland BoMs
    • Cable Drum Schedule
    • Wire/Ferrule Number Schedules
    • I/O Allocations

    View and edit data for multiple instruments

    • Grid format, for rapid data entry
    • Copy and paste functionality
    • View instrument data by type
    • Gaps or inconsistencies in data are easy to see

    Enables Process engineers to enter their own data

    Powerful reporting

    • Identical features to the other modules
    • Enables process data to be included with instrumentation data on all documentation

    Increased Productivity

    • Intuitive drag & drop interface
    • Rule-based design automation
    • Easy to learn and configure to your workflows
    • Automatically generates drawings and reports
    • Eliminates unnecessary data re-entry
    • Integrates Instrumentation & Control data into an AVEVA plant or marine project

    Reuse legacy data

    • Import previous or third-party P&ID instrumentation data

    Increased design quality

    • Single database ensures data consistency
    • Accurate and complete deliverables
    • Easy design checking and verification

    Efficient lifecycle support

    • Manage, maintain and upgrade Instrumentation & Control systems throughout the asset lifecycle
    • Capture and integrate legacy design data into a powerful system for operations support

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